Media relations.

To say this is our bread and butter would be an understatement. Since the day ramarketing was founded, we’ve been planning and implementing media relations campaigns aimed at raising the profile of companies in the life science, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors across the globe.

Our journalist friends span local, national, business and trade outlets, offline and online, allowing us to reach your target audience, whatever they read.

From simple, effective and newsworthy releases to multi-stranded global thought-leadership campaigns, this is what our team does on a daily basis. Always ethical and professional in the way we deal with journalists, we never forget that we are representing your brand and managing your reputation.

Ultimately, our campaigns can help get you noticed by prospects and clients, enhancing your reputation along the way. And given our digital, social and search skills, we ensure our PR efforts are way more integrated and powerful than a bog-standard media relations campaign.

Quality content is at the heart of any media relations campaign, and here at ramarketing we make your content count. Having developed our own content re-purposing methodology, we ensure every piece of copy we create for you is maximised, amplified and shared across all platforms. Not only is this cost effective for clients, feeding blogs, infographics, social content, webinars, white-papers, e-books, e-newsletters, guides, slide decks and a whole host of content pieces, it means that no opportunity to reach your target audience goes unexplored. 

So, if you’ve got a story to tell and want to raise your company’s profile in the life science, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, then we’re the guys to call. 

Our services

Copywriting, press releases, media interviews, thought leadership campaigns, technical articles, Q&As, feature inclusions, media database, coverage monitoring, reporting.


Periodic table of skills

MdManaging Director
PrPublic relations
NrNews releases
PmProject mgmt
WdWeb dev
CsClient services
BdBusiness dev
CdCreative direction
LiBrand literature
ExExhibition design