Onyx Scientific: Social success for business growth

31st October, 2023

The situation

Onyx Scientific is a contract development and manufacturing company, specializing in chemistry, analytical and small-scale API manufacture. The ramarketing team has worked with Onyx for over 12 years, and has grown with their business and team. In April 2023, the company decided to turn its attention to maximizing its brand awareness over its social media channel, LinkedIn.

The ask

The objectives of using LinkedIn were:

  • To raise awareness of Onyx’s brand
  • Build on/affirm their reputation as an expert in solid state and CMC service provider
  • Advertise their speaking slot at BOS Basel
  • To generate leads by promoting owned content, e.g. whitepapers
  • To focus on the virtual tour to drive engagement and showcase the facilities at the UK sites, while showcasing the expertise Onyx boasts

What we did

Working closely with the client, we began a recurring project to create monthly social media calendars, which have included around 12 posts per month (3-4 times a week). Each post has had a specific focus based on an agreed approach and a set of content pillars, including:

  • Events
  • Recruitment
  • Awareness days
  • PR coverage
  • Capabilities
  • Expertise
  • Company Culture

All content has been strategically mapped out in order to reach as many individuals within the target audience as possible. This included the strategic use of hashtags, testing and adapting along the way to ensure best and maximum engagement. In addition, all posts were accompanied with carefully crafted design assets or images approved by the client. Many posts also included purposely selected, relevant emojis, that would boost the appeal of the posts on the homepage.

The results

By keeping a consistent and varied flow of content and posting at key days/times for high engagement, we have seen a significant improvement in social metrics from April – September 2023:

  • Follower count increased by > 140%
  • Page views increased by > 55%
  • Unique page visitors increased by > 60%
  • There was growth of > 350% for reactions
  • Comments across the LinkedIn page increased by > 330%
  • Reposts across the account increased by > 750%
  • There were > 40,300 unique impressions across the page