Crafting a tailored digital growth strategy


The situation

Lunaphore is a global life sciences company that manufactures innovative tissue staining and spatial biology platforms to support cancer and immuno-oncology research. They also offer a ‘service lab’ to support clients’ research e.g. biomarker discovery, immuno-therapy development and translational research across different tissue types.

The need

Lunaphore wanted to drive awareness of their spatial biology technology and service lab, and generate more leads through events.

Without the experience or capacity to manage their paid channels in-house, they needed the support of a digital marketing partner who understood how to reach and engage their target audience.

Lunaphore had a clearly defined target audience in mind; senior professionals working in research labs and other small to medium-sized biotech companies across the EU, UK and US, with a focus on Senior Scientists and Technical Directors.

What we did

Our work with Lunaphore began with an audit of their current paid activities and the development of a 6-month PPC strategy. Once the strategy was successful and demonstrated results, ramarketing set to work on building the campaigns to meet their awareness and lead generation objectives:

Campaign 1: Awareness of Lunaphore’s products and solutions

  • Google search & display ads
  • LinkedIn single image and carousel ads
  • ​Twitter ‘follower growth’ ads

Campaign 2: Lead generation for webinars and events

  • Google Ads RLSA using visitors of certain web pages
  • LinkedIn single-image ads
  • LinkedIn in-mail ads
  • Twitter ‘website traffic’ ads

Google Ads targeting was mostly driven by product and solution-based search queries, whereas LinkedIn Ads used a combination of location, job title and company industry targeting.

For Twitter Ads, we used a combination of follower look-a-like, keyword, location and demographic targeting which was informed by client insight and an audience listening tool.

By working closely with Lunaphore’s team to understand their ambitions, capabilities, and offering within the biotech space, our digital team and graphic designers were able to craft complementary messaging and visual campaigns that spoke to Lunaphore’s ideal clients.

The impact

Once the paid campaigns were put into action, Lunaphore saw huge levels of engagement. As a result, ramarketing managed 6 Google campaigns, 8 LinkedIn campaigns, and 2 Twitter campaigns.

During the retainer, we achieved:

  • 70% growth in Paid conversions (incl. inquiry forms, event registrations and PDF downloads)
  • 142% growth in website sessions from Google Ads
  • 1,557 extra website sessions from LinkedIn Ads
  • 5,766 new sessions were generated by Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads session duration increased by 79%
  • 164 new Twitter follows resulting from the Twitter follower growth campaign


growth in Paid conversions


growth in website sessions from Google Ads


new sessions were generated by Twitter Ads

How we work

Insights, ideas and impact for every milestone.

Starting with your objectives and working backward, we set milestones to incrementally realize your vision, advising you on the best strategy to employ and executing tactics that will drive you toward your goals.