A merge of countries and cultures


The situation

In 2021, a merger occurred between dMed, a Chinese Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) serving a predominantly Chinese audience, and Clinipace, a US-headquartered CRO serving a global audience.

As a result of the merger, the company needed to have an entirely new brand to go to market with, providing a clear articulation of how and why it offered something valuable and distinct.

The need

A clear brand identity and proposition that both internal and external stakeholders could believe in and champion was crucial to this project’s success.

It was also critical that the newly created brand was sensitive to the diverse cultural landscape of the audience, respecting and reflecting the legacy brands.

Due to the contrasting cultures that were coming together for this project, it was a complex process when it came to the brand-naming project. Cultural and linguistic considerations had to be factored in to ensure a seamless cultural blend, meaning all potential names needed to be validated in Chinese characters. Even though our focus was on the ‘invented’ naming territory, when translated into Mandarin, each syllable had its own meaning.

Brand color palettes and iconography were also not only developed in accordance with the brand personality and competitor set in mind, they were also carefully considered to ensure they had the desired meaning to all cultures globally.

What we did

To bring dMed and Clinipace together, we undertook:

  • Internal and customer stakeholder interviews for both legacy organizations
  • Renewed brand direction proposal
  • Producing an updated brand platform – including all the fundamental brand elements
  • Brand messaging and tone of voice development  
  • Brand visual development
  • Updated brand values that aligned with both companies

For Caidya’s launch, we:

  • Developed assets to bring to life the new brand identity, including logos, color palettes, visuals, and messaging 
  • Launched a website focused on serving global markets and aiding lead generation
  • Led an internal campaign to introduce the new brand to key stakeholders and assuage any concerns the team may have had during the merge

The impact

Analysis one-month post-launch showed a successful campaign that demonstrated the accuracy of Caidya’s new messaging in generating those crucial high-value leads.

  • The launch display campaign had a CPM of just £2.17 (cost per 1000 impressions), targeting old site visitors to visit the new site
  • Ran a redirect campaign to control the search narrative at a cost per click of 85p and a click-through rate of 16.65%
  • 30 conversions in the website’s first month
  • We ensured no search visibility was lost and achieved over 2000 organic clicks to the new site
  • 65% engagement rate 
  • 87K Google Ad impressions


organic clicks to the site


CPM during launch display campaign


conversions in the website’s first month

How we work

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