Driving growth in cell and gene therapy


The situation

Genezen is a CDMO focused on early-phase process development, vector production, and analytical testing services.

In 2020, Genezen received a majority investment from Ampersand Capital Partners which it was using to complete the multi-phase construction of the company’s 75,000 square-foot cGMP-compliant lentiviral vector production facility in Indianapolis, US. Following the investment, Genezen needed to review its identity, messaging and website.

The need

The new facility offered a full suite of process development and analytical capabilities and had become a leading viral development and production platform, helping address some of the supply/demand imbalance in cGMP manufacturing in the revolutionary cell and gene therapy market.

Due to the investment from Ampersand Capital Partners, the new facility and the opportunity for rapid growth aligned with a development pipeline filling with advanced therapies, Genezen needed to review its identity and ensure its message would be effectively articulated in the market via its website.

What we did

ramarketing spent several weeks getting to know the Genezen team, the company’s challenges and the market dynamics shaping its ambitions. We conducted a series of workshops over that period including brand and messaging and user-experience workshops.

Our digital, design and content teams then audited the previous website, identifying its utility against these newly found requirements and where there was a need and scope for improvement.

This deeper understanding of Genezen, its audience and its needs provided ramarketing the information needed to refine the company’s brand and create a strong foundation for its broader digital marketing efforts.

We developed:

  • A new tone of voice and personality guidelines
  • A suite of key messaging and differentiating proof points
  • 4 key user personas
  • Website user journeys based on prospective clients’ user experience

The design team simultaneously honed Genezen’s visual identity, creating a sleeker and more accessible look.

This provided a foundation for ramarketing to develop a restructured and skillfully crafted website that has delivered excellent results for Genezen, increasing its brand presence and underpinning lead-generation campaigns.

The impact

Our work with Genezen resulted in a remarkable impact on their business. The launch of their new brand and website, informed by our strategic approach and creative execution, yielded exceptional commercial success.

Some key results include:

  • Conversion rate increased by 67%, indicating a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the website in converting visitors into leads.
  • Bounce rate decreased by 60%, demonstrating a higher level of engagement and reduced likelihood of visitors leaving the website prematurely.
  • Engagement increased by 60%, showcasing a marked improvement in user interaction and interest in the content provided.

These results speak to the effectiveness of refining Genezen’s brand, developing compelling messaging, and creating a user-centric website experience. The enhanced brand presence and optimized digital platform have positioned Genezen as a leading player in the cell and gene therapy market, enabling them to attract more clients, drive growth, and solidify their position in the industry.


increase in engagement


increase in conversion


decrease in bounce rate