Asian CPO expansion for international growth


The situation

Namicos is a well-respected, high-quality producer of glass ampoules in Japan. They also offer additional services including bottle-washing inspection and medical device assembly.

The organization has built a solid customer base including major Japanese pharmaceutical companies that require only the finest quality products. As such, Namicos has been able to grow into a mid-sized, niche packaging supplier, known for its focus on bottle washing, cleaning, and inspection.

Due to the Japanese business culture of long-term business partnerships, there can often be limited opportunities for new business with established companies.

Through one of its current Japanese-headquartered clients that has a subsidiary company in Europe, Namicos had been able to demonstrate its superior quality to support a client that was having quality issues during its clinical trials.

The need

Japan accounts for seven percent of the global pharmaceutical market with Japanese pharma companies increasingly being internationalized, fostering global collaborations for innovative drug development. (The Pharma Legal Handbook: Japan)

Ultimately, Namicos was looking to increase its business presence in North America and Europe. They needed our help in understanding why their offering was compelling to an NA & EU audience and how they could increase their brand awareness in these markets.

What we did

We initially spent time with a range of internal and external stakeholders to gain awareness of:

  • Capabilities
  • Cultural & geographical considerations
  • Buyer needs & expectations
  • Commercial & business development challenges

We then carried out several remote workshops with groups & individuals across NA, Europe, and Japan to validate and build upon the information we had gathered. This was distilled down into a set of user personas that represented some of Namicos’ typical customers, allowing us to align the rest of the outputs against the needs of their stakeholders.

Using all of the data we had gathered, our sector and marketing experts then produced a set of key messages that would resonate with their target audience. This included highlighting Namicos’ attention to detail, their flexibility, and their heritage.

A key tactical output of the project was a new, standalone Namicos website focussed on the NA & EU markets. This allowed us to focus solely on the newly developed personas and cater to their specific needs and challenges. The website was fully optimized for NA & EU search, following a thorough keyword and content optimization process.

The impact

Namicos has achieved success in bolstering its brand recognition within the North American life science industry. The strategically crafted website garnered substantial traction, captivating visitors not only from various regions of the United States but also from the European market.

This accomplishment perfectly aligns with Namicos’ overarching strategic goals, propelling the company into the spotlight and solidifying its presence on a global scale as a prime packaging partner.

The completion of the website was on schedule and within budget, which stands as a testament to Namicos’ commitment to their strategic goals.

This milestone not only amplifies the company’s online presence but also catalyzes further expanding its influence and market reach.

  • 29K user sessions since the launch
  • 214 contact form submissions in the first year
  • Website users from the United States and European countries as well as Asia
  • Top 10 Google ranking for pharmaceutical packaging NA
  • The English site ranks higher than the Japanese site

Top 10

Google ranking for pharmaceutical packaging NA


user sessions since the website launch


contact form submissions in the first year