Brand & graphic design.

Are you looking for a pharmaceutical design agency that will get your company noticed? Typically, companies in the life science, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors approach us when their brand and all the visual elements that surround it are looking tired, outdated and just not in keeping with where the business is at.

Whether you’re in need of a completely new identity, straplines, clearer brand guidelines or the development of a visual style to give your brand a consistent feel, we can help.

Our creative process starts with asking questions and researching. Before we put pen to paper, we invest the time in listening to you, looking at your competitors and speaking to your clients to build up a clear picture of what makes your company special in the eyes of your audience. We then ensure that this is suitably different from what your competition is focusing on as no-one likes a copycat.

Once we have the insight we need, we get to work. The creative process doesn’t happen overnight. We discuss, brainstorm, collaborate and create. Together as a team, we let the challenge occupy our minds before the ideas bubble to the surface. And when they do, we start producing beautiful and appropriate designs. The outputs you need then follow. A website, brochure, business cards, direct mail, exhibition stands, slide decks or whatever you need. More than anything, our client’s brand touch points look, feel and sound the same, delivering recognition, familiarity and trust from the audience.

So, whether you need a full blown brand refresh to better reflect your business or a tactical output like a brochure, please, let us create.

Our services

Exhibition stand design, signage, print, brand identity, brand guidelines, art direction, concept development, literature, stationery, e-newsletters, e-books, slide decks, infographics, merchandise, brand development, brand workshops, brochures, direct mail, business cards.


Periodic table of skills

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PrPublic relations
NrNews releases
PmProject mgmt
WdWeb dev
CsClient services
BdBusiness dev
CdCreative direction
LiBrand literature
ExExhibition design