An aligned and amplified web presence

Xelia Pharmaceuticals

The situation

Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in providing products that combat life-threatening infections and offers a wide range of solutions to fight antimicrobial resistance. 

Following years of investment, acquisition, and expansion, the company needed a state-of-the-art website to coincide with the launch of its new division in the US.

This additional side of the business had a completely new audience, selling to pharmacies and hospitals. However, Xellia’s core B2B audience also needed to be retained.

The need

Our team recommended developing one website that spoke to both of these unique audiences, ensuring that website visitors arrived at the site section appropriate to their specific needs.

We also had to align the different approaches of Xellia’s leadership teams in each division to ensure the company’s focus for the new website was unified.

What we did

Team ramarketing created and delivered a series of workshops designed to better understand how Xellia operated which enabled the leadership team from across Xellia to define a unified approach. We were able to dig deep into the company’s core goals for the project and develop the right user experience in line with this.

After consultation, ramarketing and Xellia agreed to build the website on SiteCore. The platform was fully integrated with Salesforce and Pardot and would allow Xellia to;

  • deliver automated marketing campaigns
  • create smarter customer insights
  • improve targeting through personalized content

all of which were key targets for the company’s new website.

The team used localized search and sophisticated on-site behavior tracking to help target the different geographic audiences and ensure they were served with content appropriate to their needs.

The US website was first delivered and launched to support the release of Xellia’s groundbreaking new product – Vancomycin Injection Premix.

Our deliverables on this project included:

  • Brand & UX workshop
  • Content production
  • Sitecore consultancy
  • Pardot integration
  • Website design & build
  • Search engine optimization

The impact

With the launch of its US division and ambitious goals to target a brand new audience, we helped Xellia achieve:

  • A 58% increase in users
  • A 25% increase in average session duration

In the longer term, the performance of the website has improved drastically. The site is reaching its intended new audience thanks to localized SEO and an improved user experience. A YOY comparison with the replaced site showed the following results:

  • 62% increase in organic search traffic
  • US traffic now makes up 47% of all traffic and has increased by 119.5% overall

In addition, the launch of the Vancomycin Injection Premix on the new website was so successful that the company was required to procure additional stock.

+ 58%

increase in web users

+ 119.5%

increase in US web traffic

+ 62%

increase in organic search traffic

“Thank you all so much for your hard work and flexibility in meeting the needs of our website. Today, we received approval from the FDA and marked history within the pharmaceutical industry.

Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to represent this great achievement in line with our brand. You’ve managed to do it so gracefully, and we are very grateful.”

       Xellia marketing team