Brand strategy.

Brand strategy goes hand-in-hand with differentiation putting insights into action to create a clear and distinct brand strategy to propel your business forward.

We spend time getting under the skin of your target market, establish unmet needs, map the competitive landscape and identify your unique superpower.

Whether you are a niche biologics CDMO or a mid-sized CRO wanting to compete with some of the industry’s biggest players, we can help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Brand Strategy (workshop)

Pharmaceutical branding strategies that will help you compete with the industry’s biggest players.

Pharma brand strategy goes hand-in-hand with differentiation and builds on the learnings from research, workshops and key messaging.

During the development of pharmaceutical branding strategies, we review and discuss your vision, covering where the business is and where it’s heading, including the competitors you come up against (and those you’d love to compete with). Whether you are a niche biologics CDMO or a mid-sized CRO wanting to compete with some of the industry’s biggest players, we can help.

Brand market research is conducted and analyzed so that we understand your key competitors and their activities across the global marketplace, putting us in a position to leverage your business and help you to stand out. This informs the brand planning, along with many other aspects of your marketing, thanks to the view it provides right across the outsourcing space.

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Workshops & messaging

Here at ramarketing we’re big on workshops. They offer us amazing, unbiased insights. Workshops work for just about everything, not least brand strategy, and we try our best to make them engaging, rewarding, and, most importantly, fun!

Typically, we kick off with a Messaging Workshop where we talk through your brand personality. We assemble your senior post holders, whether in-person or virtually, to talk through your brand and gather their thoughts on the strategy going forward.

We like to let workshops breathe and give people time to reflect, so they generally run over a half or full day. We can run standalone workshops or offer a series of workshops to capture different perspectives.

Our findings from the Messaging Workshops support the development of a Messaging Framework.

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Tone of voice & buyer personas

Our marketing experts will review and refine your brand tone of voice, while simultaneously developing buyer personas to ensure your approach is underpinned by an understanding of what your audience needs, to develop an authentic tone that gives your brand authority and clarity.

Marketing roadmap

Our experts will evaluate all of their findings to develop a clear roadmap that aligns to your marketing plans and overall business objectives.

Our roadmaps give you and your team access to marketing specialists across creative, content, PR and digital marketing.

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Working as an extension to your team – our expert marketers add capacity, specialist knowledge and technical know-how alongside strategic consultation. We are your globally positioned marketing partner.

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