Commercial differentiation in the crowded life sciences marketplace.

What makes your business special and how can we get the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to take notice?

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Let's talk about differentiation

Competition in life sciences and pharma is fierce.

At ramarketing, we use differentiation to help CDMOs, CROs and CPOs to stand out from the crowd, setting you apart from your competitors by utilizing a customer-centric approach.

We use data-driven insights to make sure that your business’ differentiation is clearly defined. We then articulate your differentiation through brand strategy, messaging, and design in a way that is designed to set you apart.

By understanding the market in which you play, locking in what you’re good at, how you are different from your competitors, and what you are exceptional at, you can reach new and existing prospects with a targeted and consistent approach, which drives effective commercial lead generation.

It’s all about getting your brand story straight.

Define and differentiate using:

  • Brand and market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand naming
  • Brand and messaging platform development
  • Design support
  • Visual identity development

Stand out across multiple territories using differentiation strategies to drive commercial leads.

Your current brand might not reflect where you are as a business or where you’re heading. Likewise, you might be going through a merger or an acquisition, or experiencing a significant period of investment or growth. Or perhaps you feel your brand is simply lost in a crowded marketplace.

Whatever the challenge, we take you through a defined process that’s rooted in market research to inform your brand and messaging platforms, alongside your visual identity. Our team undertakes all the heavy lifting to help you build a strategic and clearly articulated market proposition that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

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