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Amplify your reach with pharmaceutical thought leadership and profiling.

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Ever wondered what pharmaceutical thought leadership is and how it works?

Well, it’s no big secret. Here at ramarketing, we take your CEO, a senior figurehead or a professional expert and conduct pharma thought leader profiling. What does that mean? Well, we get to know them on a deep level to find out what they value, what their goals are and what they bring to your company.

We discover everything there is to know about them and then we manage their profile online.

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Sounds simple right?

Well it takes time, hard work and a unique set of PR and communications skills.

By understanding them, we can spot opportunities to promote their beliefs and thoughts, we can offer public contributions and comments on sector developments and we can create a PR strategy to grow their reputation within the sector.

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More than managing your media.

Pharmaceutical thought leadership may involve managing social media accounts on LinkedIn to ensure that messaging is consistent, on brand, aligned to your strategic goals, written in the correct tone of voice and playing to your figurehead’s strengths and personal characteristics. 

By raising the profile for your senior and expert people you can also raise your company’s profile globally, enabling you to reach wider audiences and, in particular, decision-makers who are looking to engage with a person rather than a company.

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