Yasmin Davoodi

Commercial Director

Meet Yasmin, the driving force leading the Commercial team at ramarketing. Armed with a Business degree from Northumbria University, she kicked off her career in global small molecule CDMOs for two years before landing a role at ramarketing, bringing a burst of energy and ideas to our team.

It’s safe to say Yasmin is our secret weapon; weaving marketing magic with killer strategies for our clients, and always with one eye laser-focused on the future. Whether it’s conjuring up new strategies, refining existing ones, or giving them a power boost, Yasmin is on the case. Her mission is to help our Commercial, Account Management, and Project Management teams build connections with clients that project stratospheric growth beyond marketing, all done with ramarketing flair.

From her early days at the agency, Yasmin has ascended the ranks; from account management to marketing events, and everything in between, she has conquered every challenge presented to her. Now taking her seat within the Leadership team, she takes pride in influencing ramarketing’s success and guiding our now 80+ strong team to perform at the highest level, not only for ourselves but our valued clients also.

So, what’s her secret to success? It’s simple – a shower of creativity, a bucket of strategy, and a whole lot of passion. If you know Yasmin, she doesn’t do anything by half…

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Get to know me

  • ramarketeer since 2016
  • Multichannel marketing pro
  • Strategic superwomen
  • Dog obsessed
  • Harry Styles & Harry Potter super fan
  • People and family-centric

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