Raman Sehgal

Founder & President, North America

Put simply, Raman is the reason ramarketing exists. Hailing from the vibrant city of Newcastle, Raman’s journey is a tale of passion, chance, and a daring leap of faith that led to the birth of our award-winning agency.

At age 23, Raman stumbled into the pharma sector and was captivated by the complex life sciences industry. Fueled by a growing passion and knowledge of outsourcing, he founded ramarketing in 2009, turning his spare bedroom into the epicenter of innovation.

Fast forward 14 years and Raman has guided our agency through year-on-year growth, a private equity deal with NorthEdge Capital, and plenty of accolades along the way. His expertise extends beyond the walls of ramarketing, as he has advised over 100 companies in the healthcare and drug development supply chain, helping them carve out growth plans and craft winning marketing strategies.

Today, Raman’s role is more dynamic than ever. Having now taken a step back from the CEO role, he operates as the guardian of our culture, ensuring that ramarketing continues to be a beacon of excellence in the pharma and biotech sector. Ever thirsty for knowledge, Raman supports our global accounts, offering his wealth of experience to clients through our Account Management team.

But that’s not all – Raman is also an international keynote speaker, a #1 best-selling author of ‘The Floundering Founder,’ an active blogger, university guest lecturer, and host of the industry-leading Molecule to Market podcast.

Raman Sehgal 2023 headshot

Get to know me

  • Founder since 2009
  • #1 best-selling author
  • Industry-leading podcast host
  • A family man (dad to 3 energetic boys)
  • Avid runner and healthy lifestyle enthusiast
  • Obsessive reader and podcast/audiobook listener
  • Newcastle Utd superfan

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