Episode highlights from Molecule to Market’s 100th episode

This week we celebrated 100 episodes of Molecule to Market – the specialist pharma podcast that goes inside the outsourcing space to talk to interesting individuals from the life science sector. The show is funded and sponsored by ramarketing with Founder Raman Sehgal as the podcast’s host.

As the show approaches its third birthday and to mark the impressive 100th milestone, we produced a special episode that turned the tables on Raman and put him in the interview seat. 

Hosted by BioProcess International Editor, Journalist and friend of the show, Dan Stanton takes the role of interviewer to find out more about;

  • Molecule to Market’s inception and how the podcast came to be
  • Raman’s journey with ramarketing, private equity investment from NorthEdge and his transitioning role
  • the challenges that come with growth
  • what’s next in 2023 and beyond

In this special episode Raman discusses why 2022 was a monumental year, personally and professionally and opens up about going through a private equity investment – from finding the right partner to securing the deal.

He also talks about the privilege of interviewing many entrepreneurs on the show and why as a very ambitious business, ramarketing recognized that what got the agency to 2022 isn’t necessarily going to be the same to get the business where it wants to go in the future.


Raman observes the changes to his life personally and the life of his family, but at the same time, how his new lease of life is helping him to support moving the business forward through his work as an advisor to Emma Banks, ramarketing CEO, and the agency’s expert leadership team. 

Great guests

On the topic of picking great guests, Raman suggests that when producing a podcast, it’s key to think about getting 5 to 10 episodes in the can before you start and reveals that there is always the worry that no-one else will want to come on the show, so you need to exploit your network to try and secure guests on the podcast early on. 

As far as ensuring an interesting guest, Molecule to Market is now often pitched guests through ramarketing, sector events, networks, as well as the show’s website and social media channels. We do also say no to people; the show team said no to someone recently because they didn’t think  the person was the right fit for the podcast. Not that we’re playing God or anything, but put simply – we don’t have to have anyone on that we don’t want to. We stay true to ramarketing’s values at all times, looking for interesting and engaging guests that will make an impact on our audience. We actively look for guests that will add value to our listeners – that’s the fundamental premise the show’s team works from.

Learnings from 100 episodes of thought leaders

The show has been validating for Raman, particularly around leadership, culture, and looking after clients.  The nature of the podcasts’ conversations tend to straddle two things – their personal development, growth and journey, and also their professional success and the things they have learned in business. When we talk about leadership lessons, we often hear leaders have to set the right tone, be on the front line, and this is almost word for word the approach Raman took when he wrote his own  book – The Floundering Founder

Podcaster and best-selling author

During the interview Raman talks about why the podcast and book projects are identical in some respects, reflecting that with any new project, you start from a blank canvas, ending up with something that is a living, breathing product. 

Raman reveals that feedback from his first book remains positive and as such, he plans to write a second book in the future that will take some of the learnings from the podcast into its chapters. Book two will feature content on leadership, M&A, dealing with investors, and hiring a senior management team – topics that are readily discussed on the podcast, and reflective of the journey Raman has been on as he has leveled up in his business experience.

As ramarketing continues on its growth trajectory, Raman’s role will evolve as he transitions into an advisory role to support the strategy and provide counsel to the leadership team – offering up his many years of sector and marketing knowledge. The agency is proud to sponsor Molecule to Market and strives to bring the show to new global listeners.

We encourage you to listen to the full episode on Spotify, Apple or Amazon and to spread the word amongst your colleagues and wider network. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe via the shows website or on your preferred podcast platform and don’t forget to share the love by giving the show a five star rating!

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