Emma Banks

Chief Executive Officer

There’s nothing stereotypical about Emma Banks.

A seasoned life sciences professional and leader of a specialist international marketing agency ramarketing, Emma prides herself on being distinctively different. And, we are not just talking about her brightly coloured hair (and on-trend nail polish choices) which change with the seasons. Nor her impressive ability to manage a hectic household of cats, dogs, and three grown-up sons who have yet to leave home (although one has just moved to Australia).

A Scientist with a Ph.D. in Immunology, Emma has over 15 years of experience in running businesses that specialise in life sciences and has built a reputation for being bold, always striving to do the right thing, and going big on empowering others through fearless leadership and trust.

Having worked in life sciences throughout her professional career, Emma has scaled businesses through change, navigated organisations through difficult times, and mentored and coached young people who are now key leaders within their own professions.

Under Emma’s leadership, ramarketing has grown 400% to more than 80 people in the last five years and helped the agency to secure a private equity partnership with NorthEdge in 2022.

A Non-exec Director of Bionow and an experienced singer (Emma is a member of the award-winning chamber choir, Voices of Hope), her passion is for life sciences in our region, for the arts, particularly live music, and for doing all we can to give young people meaningful exposure to the world of work.

Did we mention Emma is also a huge advocate for environmental social governance (ESG), and mental health first aid; she is passionate about female health issues and is a willing spokesperson for topics including hormones and the impact of menopause. In addition to all this Emma keeps us GDPR compliant and has overall accountability for security at the agency.

She adores cake and has an incredible ability to remain in touch with youth culture whilst staying on top of industry trends, drug development research, and innovations, all while raising the profile for the sector and the amazing companies that operate within it and continuing to grow a network of professionals, leaders, and inspirational entrepreneurs.

Now ranked second on Profilic North’s Top 50 PR Agencies list in 2023, Emma proudly oversees the entirety of ramarketing’s business operations across the UK, Europe, and North America.

Get to know me

  • Ph.D. qualified life sciences expert
  • Pet lover
  • Cake connoisseur
  • Choir singer and rock fan
  • Female health advocate
  • Fearless leader

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