Investment opportunities in pharma: A data-driven exploration of CDMO appeal

Joao Incio
By Joao Incio

Our latest whitepaper, developed with global investment bank, Lincoln International, explores the CDMO sector’s appeal for private equity investors.

Authored by our Bio Sector Lead, Joao Incio, and Managing Director in Lincoln’s Global Healthcare Group, James West, this whitepaper analyzes M&A trends within the CDMO space. Trend data is provided by Lincoln International and backed by proprietary ramarketing interviews with PE investors.

The report also delves into market drivers accelerating CDMO growth, including:
🤝 partnerships
👩‍🔬 bioprocessing excellence
🔬 R&D laboratory infrastructure
♻ sustainability
💻 digitalization
💊 supply chain resilience
📚 regulatory compliance expertise

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