Catherine Mair

Senior Research and Strategy Marketing Manager

Catherine is a CIM Chartered Marketer and science postgraduate who dovetails in-depth scientific understanding and extensive multi-sector experience with imagination and creativity to deliver world-class brand strategies and marketing plans underpinned by deep market, customer, and competitor insights, that get our clients noticed in life sciences.
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Catherine's Background.

Catherine’s background

Following a decade in R&D spanning a variety of life sciences disciplines including infectious disease, autoimmune disease, oncology, and neuromuscular disorders, in academia, not-for-profit, and pharma, Catherine transitioned from the lab to scientific sales and business development, and then marketing.

She has driven highly successful commercialisation and marketing strategies for many global biotechs, leading manufacturers and OEMs, and thriving SMEs across areas as diverse as drug discovery and development, advanced molecular diagnostics, analytical instrumentation, electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation, nanotechnology, wireless medical devices for personalised medicine and quantified self, immunohistocompatibility and HLA typing, and stem cell technologies.

Catherine is passionate about helping ambitious companies in life sciences answer the strategic questions: where are we now, where do we want to get to, and how do we get there?, by translating marketing insights into compelling strategies, brand and value propositions, and content plans to meet client objectives and engage target audiences in domestic and international markets.