Elliott Gibson

Head of Data & Insights

Elliott is a highly skilled data specialist with over 12 years of experience in data, business intelligence, and aviation. With a proven track record of success in leading high-profile modelling projects, Elliott joins ramarketing as the Head of Data & Insights to bring his statistical modelling, problem-solving, and leadership skills to the organization.

Elliott holds an MSc in AI & Data Science from Cambridge Spark, where he honed his skills in predictive modelling, simulation, time series modelling/forecasting, and machine learning. His academic background, coupled with his practical experience, enables him to approach data-driven challenges with a comprehensive understanding.

In his previous roles, Elliott led modelling projects for airlines British Airways and Iberia, developed ML customer value models, and set up cloud infrastructure to utilize high-spec computer architecture for training large ML models. He has experience in delivering fast-paced quantitative analysis to high-profile Hollywood studios such as Fox, Netflix, Disney, and Universal.

As the new Head of Data & Insights, Elliott is responsible for leading our team in developing and implementing innovative AI solutions that will drive growth and efficiency. His passion for data and his commitment to delivering actionable insights make him a valuable asset to the team.

Elliott Gibson

Get to know me

  • Ramarketeer since 2024
  • Amateur artist in his spare time
  • Data obsessed
  • AI innovator
  • Music lover

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