Why AI in marketing is not just about cutting costs

Eleanor Harms
By Eleanor Harms

According to research on US and UK creative agencies, 79% have already adopted artificial intelligence (AI) to at least some extent, with 11% saying it has been widely adopted across multiple projects.

Yet as this great technological frontier continues to expand, many still simply view AI as a cost-cutting mechanism.

While it’s true that AI can help to reduce expenses and streamline tasks, this is a somewhat reductive viewpoint and only one of the many benefits it can offer.

Amplifying your marketing results potential with AI

In fact, AI can help businesses to create efficiencies and focus on high-value work.

A recent survey by Infosys called it ‘Amplifying Human potential’ and found an organization’s revenue growth and AI maturity were clearly linked.

If we apply this concept to the marketing world, the possibilities that AI can open up for experts supporting clients are very exciting.

By improving team productivity through automating tasks such as account admin, time that was previously spent on unavoidable, low-value tasks can now be channeled elsewhere.

This frees up people to focus more time on the creative and strategic work that helps companies truly differentiate themselves and achieve more meaningful results.

It could also expand the scope of marketing programs like never before and give teams the time they’ve longed for to undertake:

  • more ideation
  • in-depth strategy development
  • out-of-the-box idea generation

All of this combined will result in clients achieving better ROI that seamlessly aligns with their commercial goals.

A distinctively different approach

As an agency, we’re currently exploring the vast possibilities of strategic AI-enabled communications and marketing programs, and what this means for us and our clients as we seek to add the most value and bring new ideas to the table.

If you want to get the most out of your life science marketing agency and are interested in being part of our AI-enabled programs, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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