Telling our CDMO clients stories as they grow, expand into new territories, and invest in new capabilities

Fiona Whyatt
By Fiona Whyatt

By Fiona Whyatt, Senior PR Manager

The life sciences industry is never short of exciting news stories to share with the world. From the development of life saving drugs through to new and compelling treatment options for serious diseases, the media often highlights new innovations that have the potential to save or change peoples’ lives. 

At ramarketing, we help our clients, many of whom are Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs), tell their stories about their role in helping pharmaceutical companies bring new drug products to market. 

As PR professionals, it’s our job to keep a close eye on key trends in the outsourcing space and identify those that might have an impact on our clients. We then flag these industry trends with them to see if they have any interesting developments of their own to share or consider if we can join in these hot topic discussions and talk to our target media about where our clients fit in the mix.

Here are just some of the trends that we’re seeing in the market currently and the types of topics we focus on regularly to help our clients tell their stories:

1. Go large or go home! 

We’re seeing many CDMOs invest in their large molecule capabilities or expand their facilities as demand for biologics increases.

2. M&As and growth plans.

The growing demand for biologics is fuelling the acquisitions market but we’re also seeing CDMOs enter into new markets and expand geographically, particularly in the US. 

3. Rare diseases.

These come in many forms and include some cancers, autoimmune diseases, metabolic conditions, and inherited malformations. Last year alone, over half of the FDA’s approvals were for orphan drugs, many of which require the use of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs). CDMOs are well placed to support the development and manufacture of products containing HPAPIs, and we expect to see this trend continue. 

This year continues to be a story of growth, expansion, and bolstered capabilities and we’re yet to see what will happen with all the injectables capacity that was committed to in response to the fight against the pandemic over the last two years.

It’s an interesting time to be a CDMO, and ramarketing is excited to support our clients and continue to share their business success stories! 

In the long term, as the pandemic weakens, a key question is what will happen with all of the injectables capacity that has been committed to or built for the pandemic response over the past two years? We’d love to hear your thoughts… 

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