Scientific content and where it fits in the marketing funnel

Katie Dogan
By Katie Dogan

Scientific content can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy when utilized in the right way.

The first step is to understand where your clients, both current and prospective, are in their buyer journey and what they need from you to make a decision.

That decision could be to begin working with you, maintain a long-term partnership, and everything in between.

The marketing funnel is your best friend here, as it guides your audience from brand discovery to becoming loyal fans.

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Stage 1: Awareness

In the beginning, customers may not be aware of you or are just getting to know you.

That’s where shorter, snappy content like social media posts or ads in trade publications infused with scientific credibility come in.

Consider them as the appetizers that pique curiosity and make people want to learn more.

You can ensure this content reaches the right audience through keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) for those searching with intent for your type of content.

Stage 2: Consideration

Once potential customers start considering their options, that’s when you bring out the valuable content:

  • In-depth thought leadership articles
  • Whitepapers, eBooks, and other gated resources
  • Newsletters and insight-driven content
  • other scientific content formats we discuss in our new eBook coming in April…

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This is your chance to show off your expertise and provide valuable insights that address their pain points.

Whether you’re looking to be known as cell and gene therapy experts, become the go-to outsourcing partner for a global CDMO, or dominate the novel drug development market, scientific content can be a powerful tool to support achieving these goals.

Stage 3: Conversion

This is where your well-informed sales team steps in.

Scientific content can be leveraged as sales enablement tools, empowering your sales team with knowledge and credible resources to build trust and secure conversions.

It’s like giving them the blueprint for your clients’ every need!

Stage 4: Loyalty

But the journey doesn’t end there.

By providing a continuous stream of high-value content through email nurture campaigns and tailored content, you keep customers engaged and strengthen existing relationships.

This is how you create a loyal fan base that’s always coming back for more.

Want to learn more about scientific content?

Scientific content is a powerful tool that can help you attract, engage, and convert customers.

By leveraging a combination of formats, you can develop a comprehensive marketing approach that takes customers on a seamless journey from awareness to loyalty.

Discover more about the do’s and don’ts of different scientific content marketing formats in our latest eBook: Unlocking the power of scientific content in your marketing strategy.

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