As 2014 gets well under way and New Year’s resolutions are fast going out of the window we thought we’d reminisce about the social media trends of 2013.

Where do we start? Well in January of 2013 Twitter added Vine to its repertoire and it fast took off. We were soon inundated with the short looping videos wherever we looked and pages promising the best or funniest Vines ever. Shortly following Twitter’s Vine, Instagram launched its own video feature allowing users to record short videos and chop, change and edit them with all the usual added arty filters. Suddenly Instagram became less about pictures of food and more about videos of people preparing their food, look out Master Chef.

In June we saw the launch of clickable hashtags on Facebook, and a few months later realised these were a bit of a #Fail. Weirdly and annoyingly more people hashtagged on Facebook before it was an actual thing, we guess it’s one of those ‘want what you can’t have things’ and when you can have it, well you don’t want it.

Around July or August (nobody’s really sure) we saw the rise of Snapchat and soon we were all being spammed with unattractive selfies from our friends. In fact 2013 also saw the rise of the selfie, a term coined on social media to describe a self-portrait photograph which was later added to the Oxford English Dictionary. As fast as Snapchat was taking over, big companies were falling over themselves to snap it up, with Snapchat apparently declining offers of up to three billion dollars from the likes of Facebook.

Twitter hit the headlines again in October when it enabled images to automatically show within the news feed, suddenly making the platform incredibly visual. Who knew having to click one link to view an image was such hard work and by removing this daunting task we’d be more inclined to actually read the tweet?

Towards the end of the year LinkedIn unveiled Showcase Pages, dedicated pages designed to allow companies to show off different aspects of their business. Expanding on their already established Company Pages, the Showcase Pages allow businesses or brands the opportunity to literally showcase their different products or services.

Finally, another big thing to hit the social media shelves in 2013, Bitstrips. We’ve no idea where they came from or when but they were pretty cool… at first. Then we got sick of them. Suddenly they were everywhere, and we all thought actual photos of real human beings were never coming back, and then slowly but surely they started to disappear. Every now and then you’ll have that one friend on Facebook who shares one as a painful reminder.

Now we’re no psychics but we have made a few predictions for 2014 which we’ll share next week, so keep your eyes peeled!