Does anyone else feel like 2013 is already becoming a distant memory and that 2014 is already moving way too fast? No? Just us? Think about it Valentines Day isn’t far off (fellas this is your warning) and after that Easter will be upon us. Anyway, in a bid to hold onto a little something from 2013 we recently reminisced about the social media developments we saw throughout the year and as promised we’ve conjured up a few predictions for how we think it’ll go in 2014.

So, what will the world of social media have in store for us in 2014 we hear you yell… Okay maybe you’re not actually yelling but we’re sure you’re wondering right? Well, we think visual content will dominate in 2014. People engage with pictures. Fact. You know the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words”? Well it couldn’t be truer when it comes to social media. We already know content containing a picture or a video out-performs plain text when it comes to likes, retweets, comments and shares, and this will continue to be the case in 2014.

Now, we’re no psychics but we think 2014 is going to be the year Google+ takes off. Apparently Google+ already has 300 million monthly users (I know, we haven’t seen them either) so its already rivalling Facebook and Twitter, but with the continued integration of social media content into search engine algorithms, businesses would be silly not to get on Google+ and start actively using it.

And our final prediction for social media in 2014? After looking into our crystal ball we’ve come to the conclusion short form videos will be the next big thing for businesses. We’ve seen the launch of Instagram videos and Vine, and we’ve seen them being used for hilarious short videos a thousand times, in fact we’ve even seen a few big brands use them for their marketing strategy, what we haven’t seen is the average Joe using them creatively for their SME, but with visual content set to dominate in 2014 we’re sure we will.

Got a crystal ball of your own and seen something we haven’t? Leave a comment below with your own predictions for 2014 (social media predictions guys, not love life and lottery win predictions) and if we agree with you we might just add them to this blog!