As one of the first employees here at ramarketing, you might think I’m a little biased when I say it’s a great place to work…

Yep, we’ve got a fancy website that lists all the perks of working here, but so does every other agency in the North East… and as that old age saying goes, you can’t polish a turd. What I mean by that is, it doesn’t matter how much annual leave you give your staff, how many pool tables are in the staff room or how much free ice cream you give them on a hot day, if it’s not a nice place to work despite the perks, your staff will leave.

Now, before you scroll through the ramarketing Facebook page and call us out for the never-ending stream of office treats (not to mention the amount of booze we go through) and call me a pot calling the kettle black, let me tell you about a moment recently that really did make me count my blessings…

Last week, the gaffa announced that his mum was going to cook us all a curry for lunch. The excitement was building at ramarketing HQ as we all planned what sides we were going to get to go with it. Naan breads. Poppadoms. Chutney. Not to mention who was getting the bottles of Cobra in. Friday rolled around, and sure enough the gaffa turns up with the biggest pan of curry I’ve ever seen.

Now, agencies love to talk about collaboration (us included) but you’ve never seen a team come together like this before… from stirring the curry as it warmed through to cooking the rice and setting the table. Everyone made their contribution.

Now, this story is less about the curry (even though it was bloody delicious, thanks again Nirmal) and more about the atmosphere as we sat back to eat the curry. All of us, together around the table, breaking bread (quite literally sharing naan breads). It was like the last supper… I’d be Jesus obvs. As I sat there, scoffing my face and drinking my beer, I couldn’t help but think this a bloody good place to work.

Sure, like most teams we have our ups and downs… but our downs mostly relate to when there’s a falling out over who’s got control of the office Spotify. We’re genuinely just a canny bunch which makes ramarketing a proper canny place to work.

Something we actually consider when interviewing candidates is ‘can we see ourselves having a beer with this person’, and given the amount of time we spend downstairs in Bealim House, it’s certainly something we put into practice.

For those of you who’ve met the gaffa, Raman – I’m sure you can understand when I say, not a day goes by where I dread coming to work – and that’s a testament to wor gaffa, the business he’s built and his desire for nobody in his team to ever feel that way.

Oh, and after the success that was curry day, we’ve decided to make it a monthly tradition… the ramarketing equivalent of Come Dine With Me if you will!