LinkedIn is a social network which has over 230 million users worldwide (and counting), meaning it can be a great place to network professionally making it an invaluable tool to speak to like-minded people or find key contacts within your industry. Sounds perfect right? Not quite.

LinkedIn can also be used to create company pages for your business with a major benefit being that it has a totally different audience compared to other social networking sites such as Facebook. LinkedIn users tend to be professionals actively looking to network with industry influencers meaning their posts are usually relevant and interesting. No more baby photos, hurrah! So, what’s the problem you may ask?

The problem is that LinkedIn makes it incredibly hard to “stalk” someone. Come on, admit it, we all do it? You’ve had a call with someone who you’ve never met before so after hanging up you immediately go online to see what they look like. As humans we simply like to put faces to names and voices but with LinkedIn it’s more than that… LinkedIn lets you know a bit more about that person’s background, experience and most importantly their intentions. However, when you click on someone’s profile to have a cheeky nose around, they immediately receive a notification telling them we’ve been snooping, which can be rather embarrassing.

What’s even worse is that those swanky people who can actually pay for LinkedIn Premium can view our pages anonymously and all we get is a notification saying ‘someone has viewed your profile’ which is very frustrating. Seriously, do you not find yourself screaming at your computer screen: “WHO HAS BEEN LOOKING AT MY PROFILE?”

Okay, rant aside, we’ll admit we like LinkedIn (despite not being able to stalk anonymously). Its a great tool for connecting with relevant people and by creating a company page you’re given a platform to network on behalf of your business with relevant, industry specific professionals, which of course is priceless (unless you want to pay for the premium version of course).

But bare this in mind… We’re not the only ones with a problem with LinkedIn. David Veldt kindly pointed out just how creepy LinkedIn can be in his post LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network, about how LinkedIn knows the ‘people you may know’. Now that really is creepy, and for once its not us doing the stalking.