On demand webinar: Focus on the right things. Prioritising brand strategy over tactics. 

24th May, 2020

Introducing our new webinar series: Time to focus. 

Part one: Focus on the right things. Not the wrong things. Prioritising brand strategy over tactics. 

If you want to understand how to build a strong brand identity with the future in mind, or simply want to discover what makes a strong brand, this webinar is perfect for you. During this global pandemic, we’ve seen companies in the drug development space focus on tactical application when reaching new customers and engaging with existing stakeholders.

Have you taken time to reflect on your company’s wider brand strategy? And considered how any present interactions will impact the way others engage with your brand in the future? It’s time to start prioritising your brand strategy over tactics.

This webinar looks at common approaches to brand strategy in the life sciences sector, the rising expectations of brands during the pandemic as well as essentials for long term success. As well ramarketing’s view, we’ll also be speaking with Pfizer CentreOne’s global marketing team.


Dan Miles, Head of Delivery
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Raman Sehgal, Founder & Global President
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Lara Lovenbury, Account Manager
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  • Brand definition 
  • What brand personality really means and why it’s important 
  • Common approaches to brand identity in the life sciences sector 
  • How Covid-19 has transformed the expectations of brands 
  • Getting the brand foundations right 
  • Essentials for long-term success
  • Brand strategy case study by Pfizer CentreOne

Download our on-demand webinar here.

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