The story of ramarketing… from Gateshead to global agency

Do you know what day it is? 

It’s World PR Day this weekend – yes that’s a thing!

And whilst it may be easy to dismiss amongst the sea of ‘days’ that are banded about by the media and marketing folk, you know the ones, World Banana Day, International Gecko Day and such like, we felt this particular one was worthy of attention. Particularly from a global PR agency such as ourselves. 

13 years ago our lovely founder Raman Sehgal took the plunge and set up ramarketing PR from his flat in Gateshead. Starting with a team of one and working across a range of pharma as well as consumer, lifestyle and charitable accounts the business thrived and slowly but surely the client base and the team grew too. 

A few years into the journey it became apparent that the life sciences industry was an exciting growth opportunity. With a handful of pharma clients, ramarketing was achieving great results and had adapted well to the different PR needs of pharma audiences and clients. 

The ambition was set. The agency would focus its efforts on the biopharma outsourcing industry. We would be THE agency to get companies noticed in the life science space. 

And here we are. ramarketing is now a global growth partner for clients in the biopharma outsourcing space, a multi-service agency with expertise across PR, design, web, digital marketing, and brand strategy. 

That’s a very simplistic overview, but as our ‘special’ day approached it allowed us to remember our roots. 

In the beginning, way back in 2009, PR was the agency’s sole focus. PR was at the core of ramarketing where it remains today, firmly embedded in the history of the business but now with a dedicated team of PR professionals on hand to deliver world-class results. 

So that’s why we’re marking this World PR Day. To celebrate our achievements, and champion our fantastic PR team. Lindsay, Fiona, Aranda, Imogen, Danny and me, Rachael. A veritable dream team – if excellent PR coverage is what you dream of 😉

And while our services, expertise, and the team have increased, what we offer now remains the same as the day ramarketing started. Positive media exposure to build brand awareness. Available this World PR Day and every day at ramarketing

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