The home truths about working in PR that you won’t learn in school

10th July, 2022

Written by our inhouse PR experts

I’m not going to lie, being a PR specialist is a tough job! It’s one of the most misunderstood industries of all time. Every time I tell someone that I work in PR, they haven’t a clue what I do.

They may have watched Emily in Paris or Ab Fab on TV, but PR is a confusing buzzword to many people. It’s sometimes just easier to say I work in marketing. I don’t blame people for not knowing what we do, because when I entered the world of PR as a journalist, my perceptions of a day in the life … included drafting press releases, getting invites to fabulous parties and indulging in lovely client lunches … but working in PR isn’t just that.

Teamwork makes the dream work, so they say, so here’s six home truths from our team on what a typical day could (and has) included:

It’s not such a glamorous industry


Head of Campaign Quality

In my first PR job I got the chance to go to LA (I was even on the same flight as Victoria Beckham!) It’s a shame I spent the whole time at an International Wastewater Conference…the wonderful world of B2B PR is not always glamorous. 

Campaigns are not just about writing PR-worthy news


PR Manager

As a PR exec, I volunteered to take part in a ‘days out’ campaign photoshoot. My outfit for the day? A yellow cube costume and some black tights – it was probably the most unflattering thing I’ve ever worn. The location of the photoshoot was even more unflattering being staged at a farm. I was surrounded by all kinds of barnyard creatures on a rainy day and even photographed with a lizard on my head. It’s one of my more memorable experiences over the years!

The secret of success with client communications


Senior PR Executive 

I once compared myself to Danni Minogue in a client introduction call as I was trying to explain the spelling of “Danny”. 

You can be a real highflyer in PR!


Senior PR Manager

During a client visit I was invited to take a trip on their light aircraft. It was a stunt plane and within minutes we’d done the first of many loop the loops! 

PR promotes happiness in the workplace


PR Manager

I worked on a creative PR stunt for a well-known stationery company which was re-branding. We launched a ‘workplace happiness’ pop-up shop in London full of surveyed things that make people happy at work. Little did we know we’d end up being on Sky News for everyone to see!

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky to work in PR


Senior PR Manager 

We once hired ‘Kylie’ for a retail store opening. Budgets didn’t stretch to the real deal, so lookalikes were duly screened, and the best chosen. Most punters fully appreciated Kylie wasn’t coming to Stockton on a rainy Wednesday, but she did her best lucky, lucky, lucky and everyone was happy. Except for the one superfan who had traveled some distance and was very disappointed. He cried. Making customers cry, textbook PR!

Of course, this is only a snapshot of what we do. At ramarketing, we could be devising a PR campaign one day and building relationships with new journalists the next. All with the aim of increasing brand awareness for our global client base and ultimately helping them to grow in life sciences. , 

One thing is for sure, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to PR. But what I hope to have done is given you a taster of what you could expect if you’re thinking of joining the wonderful world of PR!