ramarketing review: Highlights, insights & spotlights – February

3rd March, 2023

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Now let’s introduce our first sector expert to take on the ramarketing reviewKatie Kovalevich. She comes to us from the industry having worked at multiple CDMOs throughout her career, in both Operations and Business Development roles. Her focus at ramarketing is ensuring that our Account Management and Business Development teams are up-to-date on the industries they are serving and that our CDMO clients have the assurance that our experts have walked in their shoes.

February’s news roundup & commentary

Biotechs teeter on unsteady ground in 2023 and some may close shop

Having crossed paths with many biotech companies throughout my career, the ongoing financial challenges they have faced over the past 18 months, whilst somewhat expected, remains disappointing but also informative for us here at ramarketing. Our ability to truly understand the biotech industry’s needs, expectations and hurdles can translate directly into our ability to help our clients better serve their customer base. The stakes are higher for everyone involved, investors and biotechs are looking to mitigate as many risks as they can, which includes choosing an experienced and committed partner to help them along their development journey. Additionally, we are seeing more large pharma companies playing an “investor” or “development partner” role than ever before as many are seizing the opportunity to help the struggling biotech sector.

It will be interesting to see how the expected further downturn in the market will affect these companies throughout 2023 and is something we’ll be keeping a close on in our monthly news roundup.

Vivek Ramaswamy announces GOP bid for president in 2024

In unexpected news, a biotech entrepreneur is the latest candidate to enter the Republican presidential nomination in the United States. Vivek Ramaswamy founded Roivant Science, a company that currently boasts a large pipeline from a slew of portfolio companies that all oddly end in “vant”. We won’t get into the weeds of his personal beliefs and what his platform will be, but what will be interesting is whether or not he will use the opportunity to address the challenges that the biotech and pharmaceutical industry is facing at the moment. In particular, governments across all major markets are attempting to control spending on drugs by use of clawbacks, limiting price rises, and exploring value-based pricing – with restrictions on pricing taking place in the US for the first time. From rising costs of medications and market access challenges, tired healthcare workers, and the financial woes of biotechs – will any of this make it into the spotlight?

Other pharma and biotech news from February:

Three Trends Guiding the Biopharmaceutical Industry in 2023
Three significant trends the biopharmaceutical industry is facing, and how they affect businesses as they try to navigate the post-pandemic world.

Big pharma’s looming threat: a patent cliff of ‘tectonic magnitude’
Big pharma is heading towards a patent cliff that could cause the industry $200 billion annually as many brand-name drugs lose their exclusivity rights before 2030.

Why the pharma industry is digging deep in rare disease
Many small biotechs are targeting rare diseases through the orphan drug act to help benefit a small percentage of the population afflicted with rare diseases.

Prepare bird flu vaccines now before virus jumps to humans, top scientist warns
World-leading virologists suggest the urgency needed for a bird flu vaccine to be developed as the threat of the virus jumping to humans looms over the population.

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