On demand webinar: Time to focus on what you have

8th June, 2020

Time to focus. 

Part two: Focus on what you have – not what you haven’t. Leveraging comms around your existing database and network to drive new business.

If you want to learn more about the tools, platforms and strategies needed to nurture existing databases, using content to deliver value, then this webinar is perfect for you.

Our network is something that’s heavily invested in (whether we realise it or not) and so many life science marketers under-estimate the return on investment potential when these networks are leveraged to their fullest potential.

What about the pool of leads generated over the years by your sales team or third-party lead generators?

This webinar looks at top tips when utilising existing networks and databases, as well nurture strategies when segmenting your contacts to get the most out of your leads. These tips will arm you with all the tools you need to engage your sales team and create a roadmap for conversion success.


Raman Sehgal, Founder & Global President
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Yasmin Davoodi, Commercial Manager 
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Lisa Wallerich, MBA, Global Marketing Manager at AbbVie
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  • Lead nurturing and how it’s used
  • Contact types and the role they play in the sales funnel
  • Creating a nurture funnel and approaches to segmentation
  • Delivering value through content

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Link to part one: Prioritising brand strategy over tactics.