Meet the ramarketing apprentices…

Matt Weir
By Matt Weir
NAW - National Apprenticeships Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Meet ramarketing’s apprentices Jasmine, Nick, and Curtis.

As a value-led employer, our diverse and talented team remains at the heart of ramarketing. We’re invested in nurturing and developing new talent and in 2023 we proudly won ‘Employer of the Year’ in the Baltic Apprenticeship Awards after one of our Apprentices Jasmine Harding nominated the agency for the award.

We couldn’t let National Apprenticeship Week go by without giving a shoutout to our amazing apprentices.

Alongside Jasmine who completed her apprenticeship last year and now works in our Web Services team as a Junior Developer to support web development and UX, our Operations team is lucky enough to have Curtis Moxon, Finance Apprentice, and Nick More, Assistant Accountant who supports finance colleagues and make sure our accounts are kept in order.

Curtis, now in his second year at ramarketing is studying for an Accountancy (AAT) qualification and Nick is currently studying for a Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting having completed a Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) during his four years at ramarketing.

Our apprentices are a real asset to the agency – alongside developing their technical and personal skills they bring positivity, enthusiasm, and laughter to the agency.

Get to know the ramarketing apprentices…

Curtis Moxon, Finance Apprentice

Why did you opt for an apprenticeship?
After working in construction for a while, I wanted to retrain and take up something I had more passion for – I had been introduced to finance during my time at university and felt like accountancy would suit me perfectly.

What is the title of your apprenticeship?
Accountancy (AAT)

Why did you choose ramarketing?
I got the interview through the course provider I study with now, I didn’t know much about ramarketing at the time when I came in for my interview I felt it to be a really welcoming place, which I didn’t get from the other couple of interviews I had attended. I didn’t even consider anywhere else once I’d had the offer for ramarketing.

What is your favorite thing about your apprenticeship?
The thing I like most about my apprenticeship is being taught something at college, and then applying it to my job. You can’t beat putting theory into practice.

What support do you get from ramarketing?
ramarketing has been great in allowing me to complete my 20% required off-the-job hours. My line manager Karen is great – whenever I have queries about what I’ve learned at college, she will show me how it applies to how we work at ramarketing.

What is your next step after your apprenticeship?
After I progress through AAT, I aim to become a charted accountant by completing CIMA course.

ramarketing apprentices Nick More and Curtis Moxon

Left to Right: Nick More and Curtis Moxon

Nick More, Assistant Accountant

Why did you opt for an apprenticeship?
I had completed a 1-week work experience at the end of year 12 in high school, and I really enjoyed helping a huge finance team. We also had a next-step day, which involved half a day exploring universities and half a day looking into apprenticeships and this cemented my choice to go for an apprenticeship.

What is the title of your apprenticeship?
I’m currently studying a Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting (Q2022), but I have already completed a Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) in my 4 years at ramarketing.

Why did you choose ramarketing?
I wasn’t enjoying sixth form as I felt I was plateauing and wanted something new. Fortunately, I found out from a family friend that ramarketing was looking for an apprentice and the rest is history.

What is your favorite thing about your apprenticeship?
Being able to see how I have improved over the last 4 years starting from a clueless 17-year-old to being able to hold my own and input in the business from my learnings.

What support do you get from ramarketing?
I benefit from loads of support. I can learn from finance colleagues and I’m given time to use meeting rooms for revision, as well as having day release to complete my 20% off-the-job training at College. I’m surrounded by people who believe in me and push me to be the best I can be.

What is your next step after your apprenticeship?
I am hoping to complete my AAT apprenticeship by the end of Spring so I can progress to the next CIMA intake to begin my chartered accountant journey.

Jasmine Harding, Junior Web Developer

Jasmine Harding Junior Developer
Why did you opt for an apprenticeship?
I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to go down a completely different career path from what I studied in university. I’d always felt like I couldn’t explore a career in web development because I’d never taken any related subjects in school and had a completely different background, but after looking into my options I realized that an apprenticeship would be perfect for someone in my situation.

What was the title of your apprenticeship?
Level 3 Software Development Technician

Why did you choose ramarketing?
I chose ramarketing because I felt like the company really cared about its people. When I went through the interview process I didn’t feel like I was answering questions just to tick a box, I felt like people cared about what I had to say and whether I’d be a good fit for the company. I also really liked the idea of joining a smaller development team – I felt like I’d be able to learn more efficiently and ask more questions in a smaller setting.

What was your favorite thing about the apprenticeship?
My favorite thing about the apprenticeship is the different people I was able to learn from. I’ve not only gained valuable knowledge about web development from the amazing people in my team, but I’ve also learned so much about other departments and the life science sector as a whole.

What support did you get from ramarketing?
The team at ramarketing always made sure I was on the right track with my progress and gave me lots of extra time to study and work on my skills when I wasn’t working on projects. I was also given access to courses that would help me understand the tools and processes we used, which really helped me to settle into my role.

What was your next step after you completed your apprenticeship?
After completing my apprenticeship I was offered the role of Junior Developer. I now take on further roles and responsibilities in my team while I continue working on my development skills.

Discover more about working at ramarketing and view current openings on our careers site.

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