Learning #1 – Less is more

1st December, 2021

Our light-hearted learnings for 2021

Sometimes. Over the past two years, we’ve seen technical content, case studies and long-
form content rise in popularity. Those types of content are great and most certainly have a
place in the conversion funnel. However, they work well for awareness. For building
credibility and demonstrating technical know-how. As we live in a technical industry, these
types of content often replace shorter, bite-sized pieces of content. One of our learnings
from 2021? There is more than one way to engage with your buyers through content. Your
buyers will have varying needs and will digest content in different ways. And, it doesn’t
always have to be long-form. Don’t be afraid to produce shorter pieces of content for your
other channels (such as email, social media).

Seasonal solution: Use infographics, short blogs, Q&A pieces, quotes and soundbites as
an alternative to long-form content.