CPHI 2023: Best of the booths

Hannah Roe
By Hannah Roe

Inbound Marketing Manager, Hannah Roe, gives her take on the best in show from the Fira Gran Via and CPHI Worldwide 2023.

CPHI is always an invaluable source of inspiration for the ramarketing team, and this year was no exception.

As marketers, we’re always on the lookout for standout messaging, innovative booth design, and unique customer engagement techniques.

CPHI Worldwide brings together the best of the best, and with over 1,800 stands to explore, we had our work cut out to find the gems at this year’s showcase.

As a first-time CPHI attendee with a background in design, I took time to trawl the many halls to take an objective view of the life science industry trends, and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed!

From interactive games to elaborate installations, here are some of the booths that caught my eye…

Sterling’s interactive facility tour

With a substantial stand, it can be a challenge to maximize the space in a way that returns the most value.

Sterling’s interactive screen was not only eye-catching but gave an immersive experience to passersby while showcasing the company’s world-class facilities.

Sure, you can tell someone how great your facilities are, but letting people see it for themselves? A smart decision.

People gain trust by making judgments from findings gathered from their own lived experience, so giving people the chance to navigate a facility hundreds of miles away through the wonders of modern technology is a great way to cement your brand as a trusted partner.

Thermo Fisher’s periodic table-inspired messaging

With all the talk of being a global partner with years of experience, standing out and uniquely demonstrating your USP is not as easy as it seems.

The interesting element of booth design is that you’re standing side-by-side with competitors that you may not typically share such close real estate with, so it’s important to be aware of messaging overlap.

Thermo Fisher Scientific made an impact for me as its booth design was a fully realized concept that had every element of its messaging working in harmony. Taking inspiration from the periodic table, the clever use of elements that ultimately culminated in the strapline, “Find your missing element here,” was a fun take on life science marketing.

Although ultimately the company’s message was still that of being your trusted partner, the execution made for a standout booth.

Alfasigma’s immersive screen display

Lights, signage and screens were everywhere throughout the halls of the Fira Gran Via.

As we all know, digital signage offers a far more captivating experience for your potential customer, allowing your stand to still be promoting your brand’s message, even if your team is busy with important prospect meetings.

As I rounded the corner to Alfasigma’s stand, I immediately wanted to know more about the company’s offering, all thanks to the impressive floor-to-ceiling digital screen.

Showcasing the company’s facilities and production lines, the screen was significantly more engaging than static versions of the same imagery would have been.

It is important to note that videos don’t need to be full to the brim with copy-heavy slides and information, so take time to consider what will work on a larger scale to draw in more customers.

Kapaji Labka’s small but mighty messaging

Having to compete with the mammoth stands of industry leaders, making a statement with minimal space and budget is no mean feat.

However, while exploring the many group stands placed around the halls, I was struck by the simplicity and efficacy of Labka’s message.

As Labka is a supplier of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for API and drug product development, its message and wider marketing are straight to the point but very effective.

With such a small spot to promote the organization, the company did well to distill its mission statement to a sentence, perhaps proving that having an impactful physical presence at CPHI is more affordable than you might think.

Brains Bio’s modern, minimalist branding

As a creative at my core, I couldn’t help but love the sleek and modern branding of Brains Bio.

Life science companies often conform to a stereotype of sticking to traditional blues and greens when it comes to their branding, so it was refreshing to see this cannabinoid health solutions company taking an almost beauty/lifestyle brand approach to its visuals.

From its team’s branded polo shirts to the moss-covered product wall, this booth exuded quality and class; something the company is aiming to convey in its marketing messaging.

If you’re thinking of refreshing your brand in 2024, it might be time to ask yourself how you can take inspiration from marketing outside of life sciences to make a true impact.

Sometimes, the best ideas come from the places you least expect.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha’s flash mob merch

If you attended CPHI this year, I imagine you, along with thousands of others, picked up one of KSM-66’s branded tote bags.

I don’t think I went more than 30 minutes without seeing a person carrying one of these bags full of various handouts and merchandise hauls; with over 50,000 people attending throughout the conference duration, that is impressive, to say the least.

Treating conference attendees as walking advertisements for your business is akin to the old flash mob tactics of marketing eras gone by, but there’s a reason they were so popular in the 2000s.

Creating a buzz around your brand and having eventgoers seek out your swag is the ultimate praise.

There’s real power when merchandise is done right; whether it is practical tote bags or quirky food stands, having something people can quickly identify and link to your organization can lead to more footfall, more conversations, and, most importantly… more conversions.

Schott Pharma’s ice-cold booth

The simple aim of every booth or marketing campaign is to have people understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

An opportunity such as CPHI means you’re seen by tens of thousands of potential customers, and if you’re paying to exhibit, you want to make sure you draw the relevant attention, right?

A stand I saw do this well was Schott Pharma; from the moment I saw the company’s booth, I knew what it specialized in. Icy peaks accompanied large-scale digital screens exhibiting containment solutions and delivery systems.

Although branded in the more traditional blue tones associated with life science companies, Schott’s unique booth design brought depth and range to the space.

So there you have it — ramarketing’s standout booths from CPHI Worldwide 2023. Did you have the same favorites? Let us know!

If you have been inspired by the booths of this year’s exhibition and want to make a splash in 2024, get in touch with our commercial team to discuss how ramarketing can support your event attendance with insight-backed strategy and world-class creativity.

We help clients generate leads across North America, Europe and Asia at everything from small-scale networking events to worldwide showcases like CPHI, so it’s safe to say that we’ve got the experience you’re looking for.

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