7 learnings from 7 years at ramarketing by Lindsay Baldry

6th October, 2022

Our Head of Campaign Quality, Lindsay Baldry reflects on 7 years working at ramarketing.

While ramarketing is certainly not a place that makes its employees feel like ‘just a number’ (quite the opposite!) I always feel a sense of pride in thinking I was recruit number 7 when I joined back in 2016. As my 7th year ramiversary approaches, and we welcome our 70th recruit this month marking the agency’s growth to 10x its size since I joined, now seems like an apt time to share my experience of working at the fast-growing, fun, agency-like-no-other, ramarketing.

Here are 7 things I’ve learned about life at ramarketing over the past 7 years.

1. Work can feel like a big happy family

One of the first things that struck me when I joined ramarketing was the motto we used at the time – family first, work second. This has stuck with me and over the years has evolved to have a different meaning – as cheesy as it sounds, working at ramarketing does feel like being part of a big, happy family where my voice feels heard and people genuinely care about me.

2. Work can add value to your life in so many ways beyond a monthly wage

Yes, the cost of living crisis is upon us and salary is of course important. But ramarketing has enriched my life in so many ways beyond helping me to buy my first home (and hot tub!). ramarketing has provided me with the opportunity to see the world through travel to over 10 different countries for events, conferences and client visits – in addition to the friendships I’ve made, the career coaching I’ve benefited from, and the array of other perks and employee benefits! My salary is just a transaction for a job well done, the opportunities, learning experiences, and progression opportunities add so much more value to my life and to my personal and professional well-being.

3. Colleagues do really care

When I take part in interviews, I’m often asked what makes ramarketing special. The first word that comes to mind for me is caring. Yes, we all care passionately about our work and what we do for clients. This makes the agency a special place to be as we work together to produce our best work. But we also care enormously about each other. Whether it’s the messages from my team to check I’m okay, surprise flowers on my birthday, or the offer of support when people know I am busy. I’m reminded of how much we all care every single day. 

4. Our success is here to stay

Our year-on-year growth has been exceptional since I joined, and things show no sign of slowing down. This keeps my job interesting – each year working at ramarketing has felt energizing and new. This is definitely something that keeps me sticking around as we continue on our crazy journey together! As an agency we remain ambitious, we work hard every day and strive to constantly improve – our expansion plans are exciting and this vibrant energy keeps everyone engaged.

5. A boss can be a friend

ramarketing is unique in that the sense of hierarchy that exists in most agencies is very much in the background. Yes, everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities but something feels different – I think this stems from our Founder Raman who despite being busy has always taken the time to get to know everyone as people – from the first-day people are welcomed to ramarketing with a smile (and usually a hug). This behavior is observed and modeled by everyone.

6. The most satisfaction comes from supporting

In my early career, I often took the lead in client engagements and team meetings as I focused on progression and the next job title. My ambition is still very much there but I have recognized that supporting my team and taking a step back from the spotlight is extremely rewarding too. As my leadership skills develop my focus is on empowering my team to be the best they can be. And that can mean supporting and cheering them on behind the scenes.

7. It is possible to find an agency for the long term

Prior to joining the team at ramarketing, I worked in multiple agencies for short stints of time. This is fairly normal in the agency world. When I joined the team I knew I’d found a place I could call home for the long term. As I approach 7 years a lot has changed in my personal life as I transitioned from my 20s to my 30s. Yet ramarketing has been a consistent force supporting me to enjoy life both in and outside of work.

Here’s to many more years to come!

Maybe you fancy looking back over 7 happy years at ramarketing in the future!
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