10 reasons our team stay in love with ramarketing

12th February, 2021

So, it’s valentine’s day this weekend. At ramarketing, we’re all about ‘showing the love’. Whether that’s to our lovely clients or to our phenomenal team members. To honour all the love in the air, we asked our team why they love ramarketing, and what makes them stay. 

1. The people 

We know this sounds cheesy, but this is a blog about love – afterall. Our culture is the one thing we’re not prepared to negotiate or compromise on. Every single team member we asked said one of the reasons they stayed in love with ramarketing was because of the people they work with every day. The diverse mix of skills and cultures that offer different perspectives and challenge each other, all for the greater good. And that generally, we just try to be nice people and do the right thing (that’s what Emma tells us anyway). 

2. Flexibility 

We’re not going to mention the word that has been ingrained into our memories for the rest of time (as this blog is a positive one). But, the world has changed and our new normal is not the 9-5. However, at ramarketing we’ve always been big on flexibility. Where and when you want to work is really up to you and our team said they love the fact that you have the tools and flexibility available to balance your work and personal life. 

3. Progressive nature 

Progressive is a strange word. It can be used in so many negative ways. But, for us progressive is about striving to be better, never standing still and growing so that we can invest in our business and our people. Our team said they loved the fact that they worked for a company that wants to constantly improve and that pushes them to grow in their career. 

4. Learning opportunities

We work in a pretty technical environment when compared to other business to consumer agencies. That being said, being a scientist isn’t a criteria for employment at ramarketing. We welcome people from all walks of life to gain perspective and learn. Every single person in our business gets the chance to develop and learn new things, whether that’s sector or marketing focused. Our team said they loved the fact that learning was ingrained into the business and that how much they wanted to learn was completely limitless. 

5. Perks 

Our team also said they loved the perks of life at ramarketing. From money towards mental health wellbeing apps, to creative days away from the business to think, to profit sharing, we’re big on building a positive environment that’s built around rewards and recognition. Agency life can be tough and fast-paced so our team liked the fact that ramarketing keeps an eye out for busy periods where a little pick me up is required. 

6. Freedom in their role 

This sounds like a peculiar point. Everyone needs a job description and some expectations, right? Yes. They do. But, at ramarketing, we’re big on freedom, trust and taking responsibility. If you want to get involved in another team, you can do that. If you think later down the road you might want to go into a different discipline, we’ll facilitate that. Our team loved the fact that there aren’t any closed doors in terms of where their career at ramarketing could take them. 

7. With you during the good and bad times

It can be very cliche when a company says they care. But working with the leaders of the business first hand, I can vouch for this point. Our team said that ramarketing is there for them when things get rough. From personal difficulties to family challenges, the business really tries to support everyone and show that if you’re going through tough times, they’ll help you get back to the good. 

8. Clear purpose 

Having a clear purpose is something that every single business struggles with. Our team said that they felt included in the company’s vision and that they understood the purpose of what we do. Simply, it’s being there for our clients and industry and just striving to be better. When you’re on a journey at a company that’s fast growing and constantly changing, it’s important to feel part of the ride. 

9. Openness and support 

Our team range from junior to senior members of staff, those that have come from the sector and those that haven’t. Every single member of our team that answered this question said they loved the openness of our business. How there’s no such thing as a silly question, how you can speak to anyone at ramarketing, regardless of their role or position. 

10. Travel

We left this until last for obvious reasons but travel is a big part of our business. Pre pandemic, we all travelled regularly for events, to office locations and to see our clients. Our team said they missed the chance to travel and see the world (whilst getting paid for it). We even have a staff member moving to the US soon from the UK and so we encourage inter-office relocation. Travel, we shall be reunited again soon. 

So there you have it, 10 reasons our team stay in love with ramarketing (in case you’ve ever wondered). Don’t get us wrong, we don’t get everything right 100% of the time. But we’re big on culture and treating people well. You never know there may have been one or two things you’ve learned from this that you can implement within your own team or business.