Social media is one of the most underutilised marketing tools in my opinion, especially within companies in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and life science sectors that we work with here at ramarketing.

The reality is, if any of your stakeholders (not just clients) are on social media, you should be too. And there are loads of quick wins to help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts…

1. Optimise your profiles

Spend a bit of time optimising your profiles with your branding utilising profile and cover image space. Think of this as ‘hero space’ – the first thing people see when they come across your profiles. You’d be amazed what a difference it makes simply branding your pages. Just ensure your images are the right dimensions – we don’t want squashed or stretched looking images.

Take this one step further and utilise this space for key themes, campaigns or events. For example, got a big exhibition coming up? Outline details such as when, where and what stand number so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profiles. Here at ramarketing, we create new cover images for all the key seasons and holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Doing this not only lets us have a bit of fun and build on our brand personality, but it also means we are constantly refreshing our profiles.

Don’t forget to update about us/bio spaces to tell your stakeholders a bit about your company too. Just think, if a visitor was to stumble across your business for the first time on social media, you wouldn’t want them leaving without an idea of who you are or what you do. Adding your website link here is always good for the search engines too.

2. Reflect times your stakeholders are online

One of the main reasons companies tend to give up on social media is because they don’t see any engagement on their content. I get it. What’s the point in tweeting if nobody is reading? Another quick win is simply to reflect the times your stakeholders are online when it comes to sharing your content.

There are loads of tools out there to help with this. On Facebook, the feature is built into the Insights function. For Twitter try tools like Followerwonk, WhenToTweet or Tweriod. LinkedIn is a bit trickier. As far as I know there isn’t a tool which analyses individual company pages so you’ll go off the hundreds of blogs out there that tell you the best times to post (like this one). Alternatively, why don’t you test a few different times out and see what works best for your page? An A/B test if you will.

3. Schedule posts

Another reason companies tend to steer clear of social is the age old “we don’t have time for it” excuse. But with hundreds of scheduling tools out there (loads of which are free), it couldn’t be easier. This one also links with previous point about posting when your stakeholders are online.

With a scheduling tool, not only can you save heaps of time by scheduling for the week in one go, but you can also schedule around when you know your followers are online. Using a tool like this means you don’t need to worry about when you might be able to get online. If you know you’ve got a busy few days out and about or in meetings, you can simply schedule ahead of time.

4. Pay to play

Here comes that phrase again … you’ve got to spend money to make money. Now, I don’t mean you have to splash the cash but this one really can make or break your social media efforts.

The reality is, you’ve got to pay to play. If you’ve spent hours crafting an article or blog post, don’t just splash it across your social channels and hope for the best because the reality is, just a handful of your followers will see it.

Think about why you were creating your content in the first place. Was it to raise brand awareness? Drive website traffic? Position yourself as a thought-leader? Well you won’t do any of that if nobody sees it. So, consider spending a little bit on social advertising to give those posts a boost. You’d be amazed at the difference a tenner can make!

You don’t have to advertise/sponsor every post, just those you really want to get in front of your target audience.

So there you have it, 4 quick wins to make the most out of your social media channels. Oh, and if anyone has found that all elusive tool for identifying the best times to post on LinkedIn, share it with me please.

And if you need a little help getting social, get in touch.