9 PR trends for life science marketers

The world of PR is constantly evolving from new ways of communicating with audiences to improved methods of measuring ROI.

As a global marketing agency, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends both in PR and the pharmaceutical supply chain so we can maximize opportunities to raise brand awareness for our clients.

In this article, the PR team at ramarketing share their observations from Q1 and reveal what they expect to be leading life sciences PR trends.

1. Face-to-face reporting

Aranda, PR Manager
“With the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which created uncertainty for people, the nature of news is changing. 2023 could see publishers rethinking their offering to address the challenges of a disconnected society and industry, and offer stories of hope, inspiration, and more unity. In addition, I think we’ll continue to see an increased thirst for face-to-face contact at events such as CPHI and BIO this year. Journalists will get out of the office more, freed by the tech that enables them to deliver more face-to-face reporting.”

2. Pro-active crisis communications

Lindsay, Head of Campaign Quality
“Over recent years I think companies have come to realize the importance of preparing for the unexpected – not just from an operational point of view but from a communications perspective as well. Given the current economic and geopolitical uncertainties, I expect to see an even more proactive approach to crisis communications (or issues management) in 2023. As well as looking to raise brand awareness, companies should also consider how best to manage reputation.”

3. Reporting ROI

Imogen, PR Manager
“A key trend that I believe we will continue to see into 2023 is how to showcase return on investment (ROI) from PR activities. This year we will continue to ensure we adopt strategies that demonstrate the impact our work has on our clients and the industry, in a way we may not have been able to in the past.”

4. Social Media content

Kara, PR Marketing Assistant
“I believe in 2023 we’ll continue to see an increase in the use of social media, such as TikTok, for creative campaigns in PR; involving short videos and eye-catching imagery. The trend will be used by companies to engage with audiences and build a rapport on a more ‘personal’ level.”

5. Social conscience

Rachael, Senior PR Manager
“CSR (corporate social responsibility), and ESG (environmental, social and governance) will continue to gain ground with consumers. As a consequence, organizations need to consider their own social conscience and be transparent about their activities.

All business leaders and PR professionals should take the time to comprehensively educate themselves and their teams on CSR and ESG to establish what causes and issues are relevant and authentic for their brand to avoid green or sports-washing claims.”

6. Video content

Fiona, Senior PR Manager
“If they’re not doing it already, I anticipate that we’ll see more organizations using short-form video to communicate their big news announcements, new hires or exciting plans for the future.

Video can help bring what might be considered dry news to life and also showcase some of the personalities behind a brand. Visual storytelling will become a key skill that PR professionals and marketers will be keen to master in 2023.”

7. Digital marketing & PR alignment

Danny, PR Manager
“In recent years, there’s been a huge shift away from traditional PR as agencies have seen the benefits of aligning digital marketing and PR activities. Digital PR will continue to become a part of the larger marketing ecosystem and will amplify the efforts of PR professionals by increasing the SEO value of the content produced.

Clients will be able to benefit by ranking higher in search engine results and this will hopefully raise awareness and attract potential buyers into the initial stages of the marketing funnel.”

8. Multimedia content

Carter, PR Executive
“This year we are likely to see an emphasis on multimedia content; we will be able to see a change in the way news is delivered and the way services are communicated and promoted. Whether that’s through social media platforms or online news, a focus on expanding content to reach as many eyes as possible is a probable outcome.”

9. AI to support content creation

Andrew, PR Manager
“Exciting developments in AI technology have the potential to transform the way we communicate and PR is no exception to this. The launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in late 2022 has created a media sensation. PR practitioners are divided over whether this poses an existential threat to the profession, or an opportunity to develop and enhance the industry and its service offer.

Given that writing is an essential part of any self-respecting PR professional’s toolkit, it’s not difficult to see why some people are feeling a bit hot under the collar. ChatGPT and similar tools can create automated PR content of any kind, press releases, email pitches, or messaging. You name it, ChatGPT can do it.

As the usage of this technology proliferates, AI tools will have an increasing role in supporting the content creation process for PR pros. In this sense, AI has a supporting function, rather than replacing existing roles. It will enable PRs to focus their time and efforts on generating more valuable written content that really stands out, aided by programs that do part of the leg work for them.”

Keeping up to date with PR trends can help guide your strategy and set you up for success in 2023.

Get in touch with ramarketing to see how we can help you leverage the latest PR techniques in life sciences marketing to reach and engage new audiences, getting your brand noticed.

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