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With one of the biggest industry conference and exhibitions, CPhI Worldwide, fast approaching, Pharmavize wanted to use it as a platform to officially launch its new brand… Ardena.




Brand workshops. Messaging & positioning. Brand strategy & identity. Graphic design. Brand guidelines. Print & digital collateral. User experience (UX). Web development. Copywriting. Event, conference & trade show support. Merchandise & promotional products. Video & animation.



Having acquired Crystallics and ABL, Belgium-based CDMO, Pharmavize needed a new brand identity to showcase its integrated service offering. To help it stand out above its competitors and ensure clearly communicated capabilities, the company needed a new name and consequently a cohesive brand strategy and unifying identity. With one of the biggest industry conference and exhibitions, CPhI Worldwide, fast approaching, Pharmavize wanted to use it as a platform to officially launch its new brand… Ardena.

Our journey

Following our research into the organisation, its customers and uncovering its key differentiators we began experimenting with concepts and sketches. Ardena represents perseverance so this became one of our key starting points as we began to explore ideas and inspiration for the new brand.

A turning point

Through our experimentation, we explored the idea of the drug development journey being similar to climbing a mountain. It requires expertise, drive and perseverance, plus there are a lot of hurdles to overcome on the journey. Ardena is the navigator, acting as a compass to steer clients to the best route, minimising risk and helping them reach their goal.


A brand workshop with the Ardena team provided insights into the brand personality and key differentiators. This allowed us to create a brand narrative unique to Ardena which we developed into cohesive messaging, tone of voice and visual style.


Ardena navigates clients from one point to another during drug development. The logo reflects this by resembling a mountain peak and a compass. The mountain peak symbolises the end goal for the client and the compass is Ardena’s navigational skills pointing them in the best direction. Ardena forsees hurdles on the drug development journey and gets clients to where they need to be with minimised risk.


Inspired by Ardena’s ability to navigate clients through drug development, topographic maps create an accompany asset to tell the brand story. The organic shapes show how each journey is different and requires agility and experience.


Topographic maps inspired the navigation style of the website with contours and pulsing dots guiding the user through the site.


Working closely with the Ardena team, ramarketing carried out a brand workshop to unearth the CDMO’s key differentiators, customer challenges and brand personality.

Taking insights from the research and brand workshop stage along with key themes from a client survey, the idea of navigation emerged. As is the case with drug development, navigation requires expertise, drive and experience and the ability to overcome hurdles. Pharmavize offered this, with its drug and dossier development services working in parallel to speed up a molecule’s journey to clinic.

The navigation theme inspired the visual direction and messaging for the new brand identity. Topographic maps, navigational symbols and compass forms were explored and formed a series of brand assets.

The final outcome was a comprehensive brand identity strategy which has since been applied to Ardena’s brand touch points including website, CPhI stand, e-newsletters and stationery.


Periodic table of skills

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