After three years at Arch 2 under Central Station in Newcastle, we are on the move to a new HQ. Naturally, I’m excited to be heading to a big new home but in all honesty, today I’m a little sad.

The more time I spend with other business owners and entrepreneurs, the more I find we’re a peculiar bunch. Like goalkeepers in football, I find many (like me) are a little superstitious and feel like most things happen for a reason.

Arch 2 happened to ramarketing for a reason. It was a catalyst for a new era for our business. To push us out of our comfort zone. Take us from a micro-business in March 2014 with a handful of local and national clients to a team of 25 working with ambitious businesses across the world.

The arch has been so unbelievably good to us. Surrounded by some amazing local businesses like Chillipepper, The Herb Garden and Coop, not to mention our neighbours Keep, team ramarketing has thrived under the train tracks and had some seriously fun times here.

I vividly recall Holli, Justine and I sat in our arch in the early days wondering what we’d do with all the space. Then Richard arrived. Aimee soon followed. Then came Kate. Andrew, Lindsay, Yasmin, Aoife, Beth, Rob, Mitchell, Ryan, Sara. The list goes on!

Surrounded by a mountain of orange crates and a bank of incredible memories, yesterday I looked across the office and we were crammed like a tin of sardines. Not the right look for the North East’s agency of the year really. There’s a saying that all good things must come to an end. Maybe that’s true for ramarketing at our arch but I suspect there are even greater times to come for my incredibly talented team.

Thank you for the good times Arch 2. Like a University city we loved for the years we spent there, we will look back with nothing but fondness, love and nostalgia. We learnt, we grew and we left stronger than we arrived. But it’s time to move on. It’s time to give my team and agency a home that’s fit for the international agency that we are today.

As we shut the doors of our arch, we open the doors of our new loft. Nestled above a gin distillery (obviously), we usher in a new era for team ramarketing.

Farewell Arch 2. Let’s do this Loft 2…