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Yasmin Davoodi
By Yasmin Davoodi

After 15 years in the life science marketing industry, it’s time for the next phase of ramarketing’s evolution.

It’s time for something distinctively different.

In January 2024, ramarketing launched a refreshed brand and updated approach to specialist solutions.

Whilst the brand has undergone a makeover, what remains the same is our wonderful team of life science and marketing experts, our core values, and our ambition to help companies grow in life sciences.

The life sciences outsourcing industry moves at pace. It’s important that as a specialist marketing company operating in the pharmaceutical contracting space, we keep up.

From new technologies like AI and evolving trends that have an industry-wide impact, our team of sector and marketing experts is always looking at how to better support clients to deliver rapid and sustainable commercial growth.

Since our private equity deal with NorthEdge, ramarketing has been on a growth trajectory. Now driven by an 80+ strong team globally located across Europe, America, and Canada, the timing was right to rethink the way we approach how we service our clients and how we position ourselves.

Our solutions-focused approach

At ramarketing, we listen to our clients. Really listen. Whether it’s the first pitch or your 10th year with us, it is vital we never stop asking questions and listening carefully to truly understand your challenges and opportunities.

With market consolidation on the rise, differentiation more difficult to achieve than ever before, and commercial teams setting big revenue goals, we realized that our services (and thinking) needed to evolve beyond simply tactical answers. Our goal is to help our clients by digging deeper into their business, leading marketing decisions that are backed by data, and ultimately enabling our clients to demonstrate a return on marketing investment.

Our new approach groups commercial challenges into 4 solutions:

Strategic Discovery
The purpose of our discovery offering is to get deep into the workings of your business to advise on the steps needed to achieve your commercial goals and align your strategic direction with complementary solutions to help you achieve results.

It’s about asking the right questions upfront to save budget, resources, and time later. Clients who have used our discovery solutions to help them navigate change often feel more prepared to take their business to the next level of their growth, having invested in the strategy upfront.

Navigating Change
Navigation is about leveraging opportunities and making the right noise in the marketplace at the right time. We support you in developing a brand that represents the business you are today and sets you up for the business you want to be tomorrow

Change can often be seen as daunting but we work with you to turn challenges into incredible opportunities that will support your business on the path to success.

Transaction Readiness
Market consolidation continues to increase and private equity remains strong in this sector – it’s crucial to deploy a partner who understands the unique challenges you face.

Transaction readiness is perfect for investors looking for support to expand/manage a portfolio or for businesses going through a transaction or funding round. It could also benefit businesses going through M&A activity, or moving towards acquiring investment that needs the expertise of a commercial partner.

As a private equity-backed company ourselves, we understand the pressures you face when it comes to adding value to your business, achieving your commercial goals, and achieving the highest multiple on exit. Our goal is to support business positioning throughout that entire journey.

Brand Activation
Looking to see your brand head and shoulders above your competitors? That’s where brand activation comes in.

Whether you’re looking for a new brand and website, expert technical content, support for a timebound project, or to get some power behind your digital marketing, we can pull together the right team to achieve results aligned with your commercial ambitions.

Covering everything from a standalone campaign to a refresh, or a remodel, right through to a full rebrand, our team utilizes innovative solutions tailored to your situation through the activation of marketing disciplines bespoke to your challenge or need.

Activation is focused on making your marketing work harder for your brand. You could be at the beginning of your marketing journey, looking for a fresh approach, or simply seeking help harnessing new channels to amplify your messaging – no matter the milestone or need, we’re by your side to achieve your goals with world-class marketing.

This new approach delivers something distinctively different. Our agile teams are built using the best sector, commercial, and marketing minds in our agency that can innovate and collaborate to offer bespoke, results-driven marketing solutions and more importantly, commercial impact.

For our clients and contacts, the transition should feel seamless. We are still delivering exceptional service, world-class work, and robust reporting alongside deep-rooted data and insights. The difference? You will have even better access to expert minds across our business which will, in turn, provide you with cutting-edge ideas for your latest commercial milestone.

We are so excited about this next phase of our evolution – our teams are raring to collaborate and enhance the support we deliver to help companies grow in life sciences.

Discover more about our refreshed solutions.

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