Caitlin Richardson

Technical & Scientific Content Lead

After completing her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Newcastle University, Caitlin gained experience in laboratory research and medical communications.

As a Medical Writer, Caitlin used her biochemistry expertise to produce literature reports, seminar materials, and interactive infographics for global clients.

Working within medical device and biopharmaceutical companies as a researcher in downstream processing departments, Caitlin applied her in-depth scientific knowledge and analytical skills to optimize protein purification. As a result, Caitlin has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and processes involved in developing diagnostic kits, drug substances, and drug products.

As the Senior Scientific Content Specialist at ramarketing, Dr. Richardson uses her scientific background and knowledge to deliver technically accurate and engaging content that aligns with the strategic goals of our biotech and pharmaceutical clients.

Get to know me

  • Cardigan Corgis owner/obsessive
  • ‘My favourite murder’ podcast fan
  • Board games & gardening lover
  • Mulled drinks enthusiast – wine, cider, anything…
  • Sweet & spicy foodie

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