What makes great PR?

Why is effective PR so important for companies in the life science space?

External relations are critical to any business in life sciences that wants to create positive media exposure and build brand awareness. However, as technology evolves, communicating effectively has become more complex and there are a number of key elements to consider. Here are ramarketing’s top 3 considerations for great PR in the life science space.

1. Understand your audience

In a complex life science space with multiple players, it’s important to understand who exactly you are speaking to. What is the culture they operate in? Which trends are important to them? What information do they need to know?

Knowing this can help you tailor your communications appropriately so they’re as relevant as possible for your intended audience.

2. Be concise

If you have an important press release or PR article going out for your company you will want to express your content’s message as concisely as possible to the reader.

  • Be succinct in your writing / avoid too many words
  • Keep paragraphs under five lines.
  • Cover one idea per paragraph.

3. Integrate your PR efforts

In the life science space, it’s important to build trust, reputation, and authenticity. PR is a great tool for achieving this and it can be even more effective when it’s integrated within the wider marketing mix alongside a complementary social and digital marketing strategy.

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