Snackable content – The rise of short-form content

Amy Rogerson
By Amy Rogerson

Digital life science content is on the rise and audiences across all industries are consuming more content in shorter windows of time. Faced with many factors commanding their attention, audiences are increasingly skimming over longer-form pieces of content to find the key information they need – or skipping over them entirely. 

But we need long-form content to help us fully articulate the complex nature of drug development and manufacturing.

So, how do we strike the right balance? 

Let’s dive in. 

Content for committee

A recent content study found that research-based content is king. In fact, 51% of respondents agreed that content should use data and research to support its claims, while 41% said that research-based is what makes for the most memorable content that triggers a sales call. 

This comes as no surprise, as the purchasing decisions made by most businesses are done so via a committee. But these decision-makers are busy, and simply don’t have the time to sift through lengthy pieces of content.

The same study found that most decision-makers spend only 5-30 minutes consuming any content medium!

So, make sure your content is concise, gets to the point, and makes your audience want to share across their organization. 

Serial content

Creating content that keeps your readers coming back for more is a critical element of a successful content strategy. That’s why there is a greater focus placed on creating serial content that takes your readers through an informative journey that leads them to your product or service. 

Instead of focusing your campaigns around long-form content assets, consider breaking them down into smaller, more digestible pieces. Not only will you present your audience with the information they need at a glance, but this will make it easier to take them on a journey that engages them all the way from their initial pain points to the solution you provide. 

Get visual 

In a sea of noise, how can you make sure your content stands out from the rest? When it comes to short-form content, eye-catching visuals are your friend. 

One of the key drivers for sharing content is a strong visual aspect, with 30% of B2B buyers preferring to engage with and share content that is easy to digest. 

From infographics to animations, making your content offering visually led is the fastest way to grab your audience’s attention.

These mediums are also the perfect way to reinforce your brand messaging and level up brand awareness. 

Harness the power of social

Your social media platforms are an extension of your brand’s personality – a direct way to connect with your audience and showcase who you are. But so many brands get their social strategy wrong, focusing on ego-driven posts that don’t take their audience’s interests into account. 

Social media is where your short-form content shines, with research showing that 34% of B2B audiences find their content via social networks. This makes it an essential tool to engage with your audience, allowing you to offer them authentically helpful information without always expecting something from them in return. 

Keep your posts concise and snackable, and they’ll be more likely to attract shares and likes that keep your audience hungry for more and put your brand at the front of their mind. 

Strike the right balance

While short-form content offers endless benefits to your audience, it’s clear that long-form content is still very much essential, especially in highly specialized industries. 

That’s why it’s necessary to craft your content strategy with both content types in mind, marrying them together to reap the benefits of both. 

Be sure to continually audit your content to ensure that the work you’re doing is bringing in traffic and conversions. Don’t be afraid to make changes regularly, and keep up with the latest trends and developments in your industry to ensure you’re addressing the more pressing needs of your audience. 

Creating targeted, hyper-focused short-form assets requires close collaboration with all departments, from research and strategy to digital marketing and beyond.

By aligning your short-form and long-form content strategies, you can better address your audience’s needs and bring their decision-makers closer to engaging with your offering. 

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