Bespoke collaboration inspires a brand new look

Aquila approached ramarketing to develop a brand new identity and website that reflected its innovative and bespoke services to help it get noticed in the industry.


Aquila BioMedical


Industry trends & market research. Brand workshops. Messaging & positioning. Brand strategy & identity. Graphic design. Brand guidelines. Print & digital collateral. User experience (UX). Information architecture. Wireframing & prototyping. Web development. Copywriting.



Having secured and delivered on contracts from leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across Europe, the US and Japan, Aquila BioMedical has been able to grow as a result of repeat business from existing customers however it was facing challenges when it came to attracting new prospects.

Aquila felt that its brand was inconsistent and not a true reflection of the organisation.  Aquila approached ramarketing to develop a brand new identity and website that reflected its innovative and bespoke services to help it get noticed in the industry.

The best path

Following our research into the organisation, its customers and uncovering its key differentiators we began experimenting with concepts and sketches. Aquila has a unique offering of bespoke services and a collaborative approach which allows them to create the best path to clinic so this became one of our key starting points for the brand direction.

Bespoke assays meet collaboration

Inspired by Aquila’s offering of bespoke services and collaborative way of working with clients we began exploring organic shapes that move and interact with each other demonstrating how no two projects are the same, requiring tailor made solutions. Through digital application the shapes move and respond to the user to create an interactive experience and to represent Aquila’s unique approach.

Key messages

The three-tier key message structure leads with Aquila’s service offering or benefits, followed by the client’s requirement or challenge and ends with the Aquila brand promise.  Structuring the messaging in this way allows for tailoring to specific audiences and services.


Each service area has its own unique icon and colour to differentiate them through the brand touchpoints and guide users seamlessly through the website.

A fresh look

Aquila required a new bank of imagery to reflect its world-leading expertise. The photography style we developed is fresh, friendly and can be combined with the organic shapes to tell the brand story of bespoke services and collaborative ways of working. When matched with the new confident messaging it gives Aquila an updated brand style that better communicates its desired brand positioning.


We developed a suite of gradients to show the relationship between the key services. These gradients were designed to provide a subtle colour change throughout the key services.


Fully responsive and optimised for mobile browsers, the Aquila website uses modern SVG animation techniques to bring digital life to the Aquila brand, with fallback support for older browsers. The website was designed with a user-first approach, using our research and sector experience to really get to the heart of Aquila’s typical buyer persona behaviour. The end result was a website which provides users with a clear and intuitive user journey and brings focus to Aquila’s main service areas.

Brand guidelines

A comprehensive brand guideline document ensures anyone working with Aquila BioMedical has all the information they need to treat the brand with care and portray a consistent message across all brand touchpoints.


Working collaboratively with the Aquila BioMedical team, ramarketing unearthed the CRO’s key differentiators, customer challenges and developed a unique brand personality.

Taking insights from Aquila’s market research, a key theme of bespoke services and collaborative ways of working emerged. Aquila’s ability to develop and deliver highly specialist solutions and pave the way for clients’ drug discovery pipelines, makes it the perfect CRO partner.

The bespoke collaboration theme inspired the visual direction and messaging for the new brand identity. Organic shapes connecting and creating pathways were explored and formed a series of brand assets.

The final outcome was a comprehensive brand identity system which has since been applied to Aquila’s brand touchpoints including website, brochure, leaflets and pop up banners.


Periodic table of skills

MdManaging Director
PrPublic relations
NrNews releases
PmProject mgmt
WdWeb dev
CsClient services
BdBusiness dev
CdCreative direction
LiBrand literature
ExExhibition design