Here at ramarketing we pride ourselves on being a bit different. We’re not ones to fall in line and copy what everyone else is doing, we like to do things our own way. Which is why when we hear agency after agency reusing, recycling and regurgitating the same old blurb about how they can help you we get a bit bored. Here are our top 5 PR clichés to avoid like the plague…

1. We think outside the box

You won’t hear us say “we think outside the box”. Nobody is ever going to say “we think inside the box” are they? We prefer to show you our creative side whether its when we’re pitching to work with you or when we’re chatting about ideas for a new campaign. We prefer to get together, bounce ideas around and let the creative juices flow, no boxes involved.

2. You need to strike while the iron is hot

Another PR cliché you won’t hear us say is “you need to strike while the iron is hot”. Realistically, we know you’re not sitting by your computer waiting for a PR opportunity to fall onto your lap. You’re busy doing your job. PR campaigns are calculated and planned down to a T in line with what’s happening in your business, and as much as we love it when an ideal opportunity comes knocking that we’re able to get you involved in, we know you can’t always drop everything. We prefer to give you a heads up about any opportunities out there and go from there if you fancy it, no pressure.

3. You need to put yourself out there

One thing you’ll never hear us say is “you need to put yourself out there”, unless your company is recently divorced and looking to get back on the dating scene. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to make some noise and shout about what you do whether it be in your region, in your industry or if you want the world to know, but “putting yourself out there” seriously? We prefer to help you get noticed.

4. We get under the skin of your business

We don’t think there’s a worse PR cliché than “we get under the skin of your business”. Think about it. We get under the skin. The film Jeepers Creepers springs to mind. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important for your PR agency to understand your business, but get under the skin makes us feel a little bit sick.

5. We’re an award-winning agency

Now, we’ve won a few awards in our time that we like to brag about, but there’s one thing we can’t stand… When a PR agency describes themselves as ‘award-winning’ when the last award they won was from a decade ago. Seriously, if the last award you won was in 1983 for business man of the year, we think its about time you removed ‘award-winning’ from your preferred list of adjectives. In fact, if you haven’t won an award in the last three years maybe its time to update your website and dust off your awards cabinet.

So there you have it, 5 PR clichés to avoid like the plague.  And if you ever catch us using any of them, you have permission to give us a telling off.