Research & insight.

Before we embark on any campaign for a client, we like do our homework first to get some context and understanding. This is an essential process at the start of a project so we can get to grips with the competition, what makes you different and what’s important to you. Importantly, it also enables us to build buyer personas that profile your typical clients.

If you want good answers, ask good questions. And that’s exactly what we can do for you. In fact, almost all of our clients in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and life science sectors utilise our skills on an annual basis to carry out qualitative research into their customers to find out how they are performing in the eyes of their clients. Not only does this provide a bench-marking reference but it allows us to refine messaging, evaluate marketing efforts and just show your clients that you care what they think.

Beyond that, we can also help you with competitor analysis and positioning to see how you shape up against your rivals. Many of our clients now utilise our research team to carry out staff surveys and interviews in order to develop employee engagement and internal communication strategies.

So if it feels like you’re shooting in the dark with your internal or external communications without any real insight, then let us help you out.

Our services

Client research, employee research, market research, user experience research, competitor analysis, user personas & user journey mapping.


Periodic table of skills

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PrPublic relations
NrNews releases
PmProject mgmt
WdWeb dev
CsClient services
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CdCreative direction
LiBrand literature
ExExhibition design