Stakeholder research

As well as gathering operational feedback (often accompanied by market and digital analysis), this research provides invaluable intelligence that influences the way our clients position themselves and target new buyers. We get under the skin of these buyer motivations and behaviours to directly influence how our clients then interact and market to these potential customers.

We follow the exact same process when recruitment is a key focus. By carrying out research, we develop employee personas, journeys and internal communication strategies. This allows our clients to attract better candidates and improve employee engagement initiatives by simply understand their team better.

This research then acts as a foundation for future communication strategies. Whether it’s refinement or starting a new, we build earned, owned and paid approaches using this intelligence. Why? Because everything is then tailored completely around buyer needs.

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Understanding how your current customers view your business and brand, as well as profiling future customers. Customer voice

Understanding market landscape to influence strategy. Market research

Understanding your competitors to achieve brand differentiation. Competitor analysis

Understand where to focus and refine your activity. Benchmarking


Campaign planning, Brand strategy, Stakeholder research.


Media relations, Thought leadership, Media buying & advertising, Directory management.


Virtual tours, Content marketing, Social media, Events & webinars, Video.


Account based marketing, Conversion rate optimisation, Organic and paid search, Marketing automation, Website design & dev.

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