Brand and market research.

Life science market research led by our experienced in-house pharmaceutical market research pros to gain perspective, valuable data and insights, and intel on your brand, competitors, and target market.

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Life science and pharmaceutical market research to move your brand strategy forward using insights, not assumptions.

Our research can be adapted to suit your requirements and current level of understanding, whether you need an in-depth or stripped back approach. We evaluate research findings to provide gorgeous research reports that offer clear, actionable recommendations to support your brand strategy and propel your business forward.

Operating as an inhouse pharmaceutical market research agency, our sector experts work as independent researchers to interview key stakeholders, including customers, non-customers, and internal stakeholders.

First hand insights help identify who your target audience is, what their needs and pain points are, and how they make decisions. By understanding the perceptions that both your internal and external stakeholders have, we can align and bring to life the reasons why your brand is truly special.

Workshops .

Our interactive and engaging workshops help us unlock the insights and ideas needed to make sense of your brand story to develop your brand platform.

Workshops are tailored to each project, with tasks designed to gain the insights needed to power your deliverables, from brand positioning and buyers to messaging and tone of voice.

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Quantitative research .

Sometimes you just need numbers to provide that extra clarity or validation. In addition to in-depth qualitative research, we’re experienced in coordinating quantitative research projects using our network of contacts or through third-party partners.

Research to suit your needs

Our research can be adapted to suit your requirements, whether you need a more in-depth or lighter-touch approach.

As an output of the discovery phase, we provide bespoke research reports that offer clear, actionable recommendations to support your brand strategy and propel your business forward.

Brand & messaging platform development.

We use our research and workshop findings to underpin the development of your brand and messaging platforms, capturing all the fundamental elements that enable your brand to come to life, including:

  • Vision, mission and purpose
  • Brand values
  • Brand positioning statement
  • Brand value proposition
  • Brand audience
  • Tone of voice
  • Key messaging 

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