It’s no secret that here at ramarketing we like a beer or two… or three. In fact, we like it so much that we wanted to brew our own. So, we got in touch with the canny folk at Newcastle Brewing Ltd. and arranged a visit to their micro-brewery.

You could say father-son duo Mike and Leo know a fair bit about beer, given they boast a track record of 70 years drinking experience between them so we were in safe hands when it came to brewing a ‘wolf blonde’.


Brewing beer is thirsty business so of course, we had to throw in a little craft beer tasting session too. We sampled Newcastle Brewing Ltd.’s range of pales, IPAs, browns, porters and saisons whilst our own beer was busy mashing.

Don’t worry though, the beer brewing day wasn’t just about getting merry with a tipple or two, there was a purpose behind it. Although we call ourselves a creative agency, those creative juices don’t always flow naturally… Sometimes we’ve got to switch off, step back and look at things with a fresh pair of eyes so that’s just what we did.

ramarketing team with Leo of Newcastle Brewing Ltd

No emails. No phones (except for picture taking purposes). No distractions. Just our canny team, getting together to spend a bit of quality time together, coming up with fresh ideas, with a beer in hand.

And the outcome? A refreshed team (baring the next day when we were all a tad hungover), full of fresh ideas to help our clients. Oh, and not to mention the final product which we’ll be giving to clients as a token of our appreciation…

ramarketing beer Arch 2

ramarketing beer Arch 2

See, we don’t call ourselves a canny agency for nothing… We really are canny people!