Tony Clark

Website Copywriter

Based in the Newcastle HQ, Tony is a website copywriter for our growing Content team. Tony writes content for website landing pages, SEO optimization, press releases, scripts for presentations and videos, and anything else that might crop up that requires the use of “words”.
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Tony's Background.

A graduate in Media Production from Northumbria University, Tony spent three years writing scripts for animations, documentaries and short films.

Tony’s previous role was in employee engagement and internal communications for Hewlett Packard, where he produced 5 different weekly, bi-weekly and monthly newsletters for the company, on top of day-to-day email communications. He ghost wrote material for CEOs, Operations Managers and other people with impressive job titles, and managed several different mailboxes with extreme grace and aplomb.

Tony’s hobbies include video editing, making little odd films in a vaguely retro aesthetic, and a lucrative side-line in novelty digital paintings. He’s extremely good with Photoshop.